Ba Ji Tian

Latin Name: Morindae Officinalis, Radix

Ba Ji Tian Also Known As: Morinda, Morinda Root, Morindae officinalis, Morindae radix. Morinda officinalis.

Family: Rubiaceae.

Properties: SWEET, PUNGENT - WARM Dosage: 65g.


  • tonify kidney, strengthen yang
  • reproductive/urinary/menstrual disorders
  • strengthen sinews and bones - back pain, muscular atrophy
  • expel wind/damp cold - back and leg Qi pain

Also Used For: Orally, Ba Ji Tian is used for cancer, cholecystitis, debility, enuresis, polyuria, hernia, impotence and premature ejaculation, lumbago (mid- and lower-back pain), dorsalgia (upper back pain), depression, increasing white blood cell count, stimulating the endocrine system, improving kidney function, and strengthening the skeletal and nervous systems. Also In traditional Chinese Medicine, Ba Ji Tian is used as a kidney tonic to strengthen the yang. Morinda officinalis (ba ji tian) is combined with Morinda citrifolia (see separate ing for Morinda).