TCM basic pattern of Emphysema:

Yang deficiency with Phlegm-fluids


4 types of Phlegm-fluids: whole body, chest, abdomen, hypochondria - this is a more moveable liquid, moves with body positions

Water: usually starts at ankles (yin type) then creeps up (Spleen Kidney) - if this happens when a malignant tumor is present, the end is near


Herbal Formulas: Xiao Qing Long Tang + Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan


Herbal Formulas: Yang He Tang + Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang


Cold-Phlegm with deficiency - San Zi Yang Qin Tang

Kidney Yang deficiency with Phlegm – Tu Si Zi (heavy low back, turbid urine)

Spleen deficiency – use Spleen tonics

Purple tongue – Dang Shen, E Zhu, Tao Ren, Hong Hua, Tian Qi (San Qi)

Auto-neumothorax – shortness of breath, pain, slight dry cough

1. Jia Wei Xiang Shu San

2. Ting Li Da Huang Tang -Ting Li Zi 15-30g -Da Huang 10-30g -Sang Bai Pi 105g -Hou Po 105g -Zi Si 105g -Jie Geng 158g -Da Zao 50 pieces If Phlegm (white) + Qiu Jie Zi 105g (yellow) + Gua Lou Ren 105g If Chest pain + Gui Zhi 2-6g


*Decoct package and drink 4 times/day, every 4 hours -may use more packages in first couple days 3. Bai He Gu Jin Tang 20-25% of patients with Emphysema connects with GI ulcers Can also easily acquire bronchitis or pneumonia


Conclusion: When patient has chest pain… 1. Heart 2. Lung Cancer 3. Lung Infection (with young people this order is opposite)

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