Anal Sinus Infection

Anal Sinus Infection


Anal sinuses are found on the outside of the rectal and anal regions.  These anal sinuses end in the anal area in a valve.  These sinuses separate the rectal columns.   When one of these sinsuses becomes infected or blocked it creates a condition called anal sinusitis or rectal sinusitis.  This anal sinusitis can be chronic or acute in nature.  In either case there in an infection or abscess in this area which creates significant swelling.  There will be a stabbing sharp pain which is directly related to pressure such as the time of having a bowel movement or possibly sitting. This pain may originate in the anus but run through the rectum and into the lower back and sacrum.  With this pain if the abscess has ruptured there will be blood and pus mixed in with the stools. 

Chinese Medicine Cure for Anal Sinus Infections:

Damp Heat Type

Herbal Formula:  a combination of :

Liang Xue Si Wu Tang 

Ru Shen Tang

San Huang Tang 

San Miao Wan


EXTERNAL Treatment for Anal Sinusitis: 

Keeping the anal area as clean as possible with good hygiene can help.  Washing this area with a herbal wash such as Ku Shen after every bowel movement or having a sitz bath will help.  

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