Pityriasis Rosea -

Wind Heat Eruption A mild inflammatory skin disease of unknown western medical cause characterized by scaly lesions. They are characterized by patches of rose colour macules which have a dry scaly top layer which is not easily flaked off. The macules can follow skin creases or run parallel with the ribs.


Chinese Medicine Treatment Of Pityriasis Rosea


Wind Heat Invading Lungs st Stage - before rash patient feels slight fever, headache, joint aching, swollen lymph nodes. Area begins to itch followed by macule eruptions, (spring / fall)

Herbal Formula: Yin Qiao SanLong Dan Xie Gan Tang


Wind Heat With Blood Dryness - 2nd stage - general blood dryness symptoms

Herbal Formula: Xiao Feng San, Long Dan Xie Gan Tang


EXTERNAL Qing Dai, Da Qing Ye, Ban Lan Gen, Huang Qin, Ku Shen = boil for applicationKeep skin dry to prevent infection

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