Epilepsy and Chinese Medicine

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder which gives a patient recurrent seizure.  Epilepsy is most common in children and people of 65 years of age but can occur at any time.  Almost 90% of people with epilepsy live in developed countries affecting close to 50 million people world wide. This condition is rarely cured but can be controlled through the use of certain western drugs, possible surgery and lifestyle, diet and natural therapies can have a positive influence.  


Here is a link to a Video of a Epileptic Seizure:

Epilepsy Video One

Epilepsy Video Two



Alternative Medicine Treatment of Epilepsy:

During an attack western medicine treatment may be the most desirable treatment.  During a remissio period trying lifestyle, diet and alternative methods to reduce the severity and  frequency.  

Phlegm and Fire Accumulation:

Rough sounding breathing due to phlegm in chest, dry stool, constipation, halitosis,

Acupuncture points - Ren, Du, foot yang ming, foot jue yin, Du 1, Ren 15, GB 34, Du 8, ST 40, LR 2


Wind and Phlegm

Blocks clear cavities (liver wind up-surging bringing Phlegm upwards)

Acupuncture points - Ren, Du, foot shaoyang, foot jueyin, Du 1, Ren 15, GB 34, Du 8, GB 13, 20, LR 3, ST 40


Blood Stasis

Epilepsy commonly found after a head injury,seizures occur with pain which is stabbing

Acupuncture points  Du 26, 23, 8, Taiyang, SJ 20, GB 34, BL 17, SP 10


Blood deficiency

Small tremors and trembling aggravated by stress and over work, incontinence

Acupuncture points  Ren and Back Shu, Ren 17, 15, BL 20, Ren 6, BL 17, SP 10, GB 34, HT 5, Du 8


Heart and Spleen deficiency

Short attacks, incontinence

Acupuncture points  foot tai yin, SP 10, Ren 12, ST 36,40, GB 34, Du 8 – add MoxaLiver and


Kidney Yin deficiency

lower back and knee weakness/pain, insomni, night sweats, low back pain, hot palms and soles of feet, ...

Acupuncture points foot jue yin and foot shao yin BL 18, 23, KI 3, SP 6, HT 5, Ren 15, GB 34, Du 8


Alternative Treatment Methods for Epilepsy 

Auricular Acupuncture brain, shen men, occipital, heart, stomach

Electrical Acupuncture may induce epileptic seizures

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