Eyelid Edema

Eyelid Edema


Edema of the eyelid can be caused by well over a hundred different causes.  Some causes as simple as allergies or trauma to not so common causes such as fire bellied toad poison.  Some of the more common causes besides allergies are:  Blepharitis, conjunctivitis, chalazion, stye, dacryocystitis, cellulitus, herpes, ...


Excess Heat

Eyelid edema with redness and a burning sensation.  This type of swelling is acute in nature and can be associated with an infection of the eye or other area.  There will be feverishness, red face, burning type pain in the eye, blood shot eyes and a thirst for cold water.

Herbal Formula: Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin 



Spleen Deficiency 

A chronic type of eyelid swelling where there is a slight dull pain or no pain at all.  There will be no color change or slight pink or pale discoloration.  There will be accompanied fatigue and digestive problems. 

Herbal Formula: Shen Ling Bai Zhu San  Or  Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang



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