Herpes Simplex - Herpes Simplex Virus - HSV

This Viral infection is characterized by one or more clusters of small vesicles filled with clear fluid on a slightly raised inflamed base.

They are usually found on the junction of the skin around mucus membranes (eye lids, corners of mouth, nose, external genitalia). Break outs are more common during or after febrile diseases.

Breakouts usually start with a slight tingling or itching discomfort on the future infected site. Once eruptions occur a burning pain accompanies them for a few days before healing begins taking 8 - 12 days.



Herpes Zoster - same virus but eruptions break out along a nerve fibre usually around the hypochondriac region. Between grouped eruptions normal skin color may be present.

Pyogenic Infection - Pus is discharged from infections, not watery discharge


Chinese Medicine Treatment of Herpes Simplex:


Wind Heat - Xing Yi Qing Fei Yin

Damp Heat - Long Dan Xie Gan Tang

Middle Jiao Heat - Ju Ye Shi Gao Tang (usually more recurring)

Yin Deficiency with Deficiency Fire - Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan (chronic slow difficult healing)



Ma Chi Xian - boil 30g. for 15 minutes, then dissolve 10g. Bing Pian and let cool. Apply with cloth on effected area Powders - Qing Dai


Herbal Formula: Jing Huang Gao


Herpes Zoster - Shingles *See Shingles*

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