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Irregular Periods


Irregular Period Information:

First we should define a regular period.  A regular period generally lasts 28 days.  A period can be regularly early such as having successive 23 day cycles or regularily long cycles like 33 day long.  Having a period which alternatves from early to late would classify an irregular period.  The periods should be early or late by approximatley 7 days for a minimum of 3 cycles before it can be classified as such. 

Your cycle may become irregular at several different times throughout your life.  Pregnancy may cause irregular cycle like symptoms as well around the time of menopause.  Diet, Stress and exercise may also change your cycle creating an irregular period.  


Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

Kidney Qi deficiency

In this pattern your period will be scanty and pale with a possible clear vaginal discharge. The patient will also have other signs and symptoms like low back pain, weak knees, low libido, ...

Tongue - pale           Pulse - weak

Principle of Treatment: - nourish KI Qi to regulate menses

Herbal Medicine Formula: Shen Qi Wan or You Gui Wan


Liver Qi stagnation

In conditions of liver qi stagnation the irregular period can have large or scanty amounts of blood which is normal in color.  If there is also heat present the blood will be darker with a stop and start type of flow and contain clots.  There will also be general PMS, distended breasts, abdominal pain,  ...   This is one of the most common conditions which is related to high levels of stress.  

Tongue - red on sides       Pulse - wiry

Principle of Treatment: - soothe Liver, harmonize Qi and blood to regulate menses.

Herbal Medicine Formula:  Xiao Yao San  of if heat is present - Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San


Spleen Qi deficiency

Irregular periods due to spleen Qi deficiency will cause a heavy fresh or pale red bleed or small pale bleeding.  There generally is no clots present.  The patient will also show signs of fatigue, possible loose stools, dizziness, ....

Tongue - normal or pale with teeth marks.      Pulse - deficient or weak

Principle of Treatment: - nourish Spleen Qi and blood

Herbal Medicine Formula: Ba Zhen Tang or Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

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