Ear Ache - Middle Ear Infection

Ear Ache - Middle Ear Infection


Otitis media is the name given for inflammation of the middle ear causing an ear ache.   The middle ear consists of the eustacian tube which falls between the outer ear and the inner ear.  There are many other causes of an middle ear ache but a middle ear infection is common.  A middle ear infection should be distinguished between a outer ear infection which is called otitis externa.  Both of these will cause an ear ache.  


Otitis Media Ear Ache

The condition of inflammation of the middle ear will cause distended pain within the ear.  It may feel as if a cotton ball is stuck within the ear accompanied by loss of hearing,  or over sensivitve hearing.   This is a more acute condition of an ear ache due to a infection of the middle ear.  There are 2 types of acute ear infections that are listed below.


Wind Heat

This type of ear ache or middle ear infection is accompanied by a upper respiratory type infection where there is a severe sore throat, fever, slight sweating and distended ache in the middle ear.

Herbal Formula: Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin   or   Huang Lian Jie Du Tang


Toxic Dampness

This type of ear infection has a heavy achey feeling with a blocked ear and poor hearing.  There may be bubbling sounds as fluid moves within the ear.   The patient will have a generalized heaviness, foggy head or poor memory and it will be aggravated by damp weather. 

Herbal Formula: Si Ling San



This condition should be diagnosed and looked at by a medical doctor to make sure it is not a severe case that is getting worse threatening to do permanent damage.

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