Abdominal Masses

Lower Abdominal Masses

Diagnosis of Lower Abdominal Masses

Mass in abdomen that may be accompanied with pain in the abdomen or low back, distension, bloating, infertility, irregular vaginal bleeding, irregular menses, leukorrhea, miscarriage. May be fibroids, tumor, or cancer. Refer patient to gynecologist for full examination.

Etiology (causes): Generally stagnation

1. LR Qi stagnation - emotional stresses, diet, anything that may cause the Zang to stagnate Stasis mass

2. Blood Stasis - stagnation stasis, during menstruation or sex during menses or postpartum the body is and the cervix is open attack by external pathogens Blood Stasis block Jing Luo mass

3. Phlegm - SP , KI , and/or LR Qi stagnation can cause Phlegm and Damp stagnation block Qi and blood circulation mass


Western Medicine

Uterine fibroids - heavy menses that last a long time, mass felt in center of low abdomen, the patient may also be anemic.

Ovarian cysts or tumor - one sided mass and/or pain, doesn't effect menses, may be small or large, do not necessarily show signs.

Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

Main points:

Blood Stasis very hard mass Qi stagnation mass that moves from time to time

Phlegm-Damp soft, fluid filled Phlegm stagnation hard and soft (boiled egg)


* The situation is progressing badly if the mass is growing, getting harder, 5 colour leukorrhea is present, emaciation, irregular uterine bleeding


Qi stagnation not solid or hard mass, moveable, pain wanders Plus - LR Qi stagnation symptoms (see Appendix 1)

Principle of Treatment: - regulate Qi, dissolve mass

Herbal Medicine Formula: Xiang Leng Wan


Blood Stasis hard mass, fixed, more painful, dark clotted delayed heavy menses Plus - Blood Stasis symptoms (see Appendix 1)

Principle of Treatment: - promote circulation, remove Stasis, break up hardness

Herbal Medicine Formula: Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan or Da Huang Zhe Chong Wan


Phlegm-Damp stagnation mass is soft and hard similar to a boiled egg, large amounts of leukorrhea that is sticky white, cold body, poor appetite Plus - Phlegm-Damp symptoms (see Appendix 1)

Principle of Treatment: regulate Qi, eliminate Phlegm, dissolve hardness

Herbal Medicine Formula: Kai Yu Er Chen Tang (with blood movers)or Da Huang Mu Dan Tang (with clear Heat herbs) IMPORTANT NOTE: avoid the use of estrogen producing herbs when a mass is present

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