Diagnosis of Psoriasis

- Similar To Neural Dermatitis Common chronic recurrent disease characterized by dry, well-circumscribed silvery scaling papules of various sizes.

3 types - Common - Pusy - Joint


Chinese Medicine Treatment Of Psoriasis


Common Psoriasis - Bai Pi - thick flaking silver dead skin and when scraped off bleeding spots appear under ths skin

Blood Heat - red macules with bleeding spots after scraping

Herbal Formula: Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang


Blood Stasis - chronic, lower limbs mostly effected, dark, dry, scaly, flaky skin

Herbal Formula: Tao Hong Si Wu Tang Joint Psoriasis - joint and extremities (wrist, fingers, toes, ankles) inflammation, redness, hot, painful with limited movement.


Cold Damp - Dry, flaking skin with joint disorders

Herbal Formula: Du Hou Ji Sheng Tang Pusy Psoriasis - silvery scaly skin with pusy b ers


Damp Heat - usually near finger tips, inguinal area and aggravated by damp weather

Herbal Formula: Bei Xie Shen Shi Tang, San Miao San


Toxic Fire - red pusy psoriasis with whole body effected. Burning sensation, fever, constipation and thirst.

Herbal Formula: Qing Wen Bai Du Yin


EXTERNAL Liu Huang/Xiong Huang Creams Diet - become vegetarian, avoid pungent, spicy, alcohol, eat fresh veggies

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