Skin Disorders

History of Skin Disorders

Traditional Chinese Medicine started using topical herbal medicine for both infections and traumatic injuries. Chinese Doctors used medicinal plants as external plasters and acupuncture needles to relieve discomforts and promote the healing process.


The 1st external medicine Chinese Doctor was recorded in the 5th - 4th century treating hemorrhoids with surgery.


Historical Books and People Treating Skin Disorders:

Nei Jing - wrote about specific foods having a reaction to produce boils

Hua Toa - year 141-203 - created the herbal formula secret text

Ma Fuo San - Herbal Formula enabled this doctor to do abdominal surgeries

Zhan Zhong Jing - 150-219 - acute abdominal disorders (appendicitis)

Dr Gu Hung - 281-341 - goiter - used Hai Zao

Liu Juan Zi Gui Yi Feng - Author of first external medicine book


4 Areas Of Skin Disorders

skin sores - Chinese is Chuang Yang

Skin Disorders -specific eruptions ie - warts- Chinese is Pi Fu Ling

Rectal/Anus Disorders - Chinese is Gan Men Bin

Others - ie - gangrene, abdominal rash - Chinese is - Za Bing


Chinese Medicine Diagnosis of Skin Disorders:

First combine generalized body symptoms of ones constitution to help with pattern identification. Diagnose effected are by the local symptoms (ie - smell, color, swelling, size, density, ...) and use constitutional pattern to diagnose Skin disorder. Give both a chinese medicine and western medicine diagnosis.



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