Periods - Irregular Bleeding


Metrorrhagia and Metrostaxis - Beng Lou - Irregular Bleeding


Diagnosis of Irregular Bleeding

Metrorrhagia is irregular uterine bleeding between a patients cycle. Large amount of blood, or spotting for long periods of time. Blood will come suddenly in large quantities or in small quantities but for a long duration. Blood will be fresh red, dark red, or bright red and can be either thin or thick with possible clots and a possible odour.


Causes of Irregular Bleeding:

1. Kidney Qi -kidney does not close properly causing irregular uterine bleeding.

2. Spleen Qi -spleen cannot keep blood in vessels causing irregular uterine bleeding

3. Heat in Blood - Heat pushes blood out of Chong meridian

4. Blood stag. - in Chong and Ren meridians, new blood unable to enter meridians causing irregular uterine bleeding.


Principles of Treatment of Irregular Bleeding

1. Stop bleeding

2. Treat root problem of bleeding

3. Regulate Chong/Ren Pathogenesis


Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment of Irregular Bleeding

Heat in Blood - scanty for long period of time (if heat becomes fire - lg. amount of blood), bright red, thick irregular bleeding. Plus - Yin sym. T-red-scanty coat P-thin-rapid

Principle of Treatment:- nourish Yin, clear Heat to stop bleeding

Herbal Medicine Formula:- Bao Yin Jian


Heat in Blood - acute sudden onset of large amounts of blood, deep or bright red-thick Plus - Heat sym. T-red P-rapid

Principle of Treatment: - clear/purge Heat - cold blood to stop bleeding

Herbal Medicine Formula:- Qing Re Gu Jing Tang


Kidney Yang - sudden irregular - more or less blood, pale-thin Plus - KI Yang sym. T-pale P-weak

Principle of Treatment:- nourish KI Yang - consolidate Chong/Ren to stop bleeding

Herbal Medicine Formula: Yu (right) Gui Wan


Kidney Yin - Metrostaxis (dripping) bright red-thick, possibly large amounts (usually scanty) Plus - KI Yin sym. T-red-scanty P-rapid-thin

Principle of Treatment: - nourish KI Yin to stop bleeding

Herbal Medicine Formula:- Zou (left) Gui Wan


Spleen Qi - alternate amounts of blood w/ spotting starting after, pale-thin Plus - SP Qi sym. T-pale P-empty

Principle of Treatment: - nourish SP Qi to keep blood in vessels

Herbal Medicine Formula: Gu Ben Zhu Beng Tang or Gui Pi Tang


Blood Stasis - blood may stop then flow again, or amenorrhea then bleeding occurs in dark colour w/ clots Plus - Pain in abdomen

Principle of Treatment: - promote circ. - remove stasis to stop bleeding

Herbal Medicine Formula: Si Wu Tang + Shan Qi, Hong Hua, Qian Cao

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