Pre-Auricular Fistula (anterior)

A fistula is a passageway between two skin covered areas which normally does not exhist.  In most conditions this is a disease occuring naturally but in some cases surgery will create a fistula to help eliminate symptoms.   Fistulas can occur in many different areas of the body like the anus, lacrimal glands or artery.  Fistulas can be a complete tube called "complete fistula", "blind fistula" tube with only one opening or a "incomplete fistula" where the opening is at the outside of the body but not connecting any internal tissue. 


Ear fistula or pre-auricular fistulas can occur during fetal development where one side of the ear doesn't form correctly leaving a open hole or possible trauma after birth.   Ear fistulas can be a severe condition which need to be looked into by a medical professional.  If there is complications with such things as infection chinese herbs can help or cure the acute condition.  Infected fistulas will have swelling, pain, redness and possible discharge.  

if the above condition occurs the formula listed below can help treat the symptoms.

Herbal Formula: Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin + Zao Jiao Ci, Mu Dan Pi

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