Infertility and Chinese Medicine Cures


Infertility can have many different causes.  Some functional and some structual.  A multitude of tests can be done to analyze and try to pinpoint the cause of the fertility issues.  Written below is a synopsis of different styles of treatment for this condition.   

Diagnosis of Infertility:

When a couple has had normal sexual activity for 2-3 years without achieving a pregnancy. It can be 3 differnt causes: 1 - male infertility,  2- female infertility, 3- both male and female fertility issues. 

A woman may have irregular periods, leukorrhea(vaginal discharge), dysmenorrhea(painful periods), non-ovulatory cycles, ...   Generally after trying to concieve for 2 or more years the couple would be instructed to have testing done by a fertility specialist or Reproductive endocrinologist.

Female Tests for Infertility:

some common tests which are done in the initial stages of a fertility work-up would be a blood test (done on day 3 to test for FSH and Estrogen levels), HSG (hysterosalpinogram to make sure fallopian tubes and uterus are structually sound) and Ovulation tests to see when they are ovulating within their cycle.

Male Tests for Infertility:

Generally 3 tests are done with males during a seman analysis:

1- motility - how many sperm are swimming well, 

2- sperm count - how many sperm are ejaculated in each session,  

3- morphology - how many sperm look "normal"


Generally your practitioner should educate each female patient on fertility charting which includes temperature charting  (BBT), LH charts (Leutenizing Hormone), ...

Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

Kidney Yang deficiency

infertility, trying to concieve for over 1-2 years by having unprotected sex without a pregnancy.  Other signs and symptoms of Kidney yang deficiency are lower abdominal area is cold to the touch, low libido or sex drive, frequent copious urination, thin watery vaginal discharge, cold feet, low back pain, weak knees and possible fatigue.

Acupuncture points - Moxa, Ren, Du, *Ren 4, *Du 4, *BL 23, Ren 7 (Ren and Chong meeting point), Zigong - frequent nocturesis- SP 6

Herbal Medicine Formula: Yu Ling Zhu, You Gui Wan, Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan


Kidney Yin deficiency

Infertility with early periods, scanty periods or delayed period, period blood is red in colour and may be thin or thick.  There is commonly poor sleep, red cheeks, predisposition to hot flashes, warm feet and dry skin. 

Acupuncture points - Tonify or sedate, no Moxa, Ren, foot Shaoyin, Ren 4, KI 3, KI 13, SP 6, BL 23, ST 36

Herbal Medicine Formula: Yang Jing Zhong Yu Tang (taken after period), Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Zuo Gui Wan


Phlegm-Damp Accumulation:

This type of infertility will generally have an overweight body type, vaginal discharge which can be thin or thick, the period has pale blood mixed with mucus, a sense of nausea, feeling that the chest is full or under pressure, poor memory or cloudy mind, sinus congestion and a general sense of heaviness in the abdomen or whole body.  There is a prospensity for this type of patient to have PCOS (Polly Cystic Ovarian Syndrom) where they have irregular long cycles, dark facial hair, generally a high BMI and with an ultra sound cystic ovaries. 

Acupuncture points - Moxa, neutral, Ren, foot Yangming, ST 36, ST 40, KI 4, ST 30, Ren 3 - delayed menses- SP 8 - large amounts of leukorrhea- BL 32

Herbal Medicine Formula: Qi Gong Wan (open uterus pill)


Liver Qi Stagnation

This type of patient experiencing infertility will display more pre menstrual problems (breast distension, irritability, mood swings), they will be very worried, anxious, frustrated with their fertility issues.  They will over analyze any symptom and try to over control the situation.  They may also have rib side discomfort, head aches, irregular bowel movements, bloating and irregular sleep. 

Acupuncture points - mild Moxa, foot Jueyin, BL 18, Ren 6, KI 13, SP 6, LR 3 - hypochondriac pain- GB 34 - abdominal distension- ST 25

Herbal Medicine Formula: Kai Yu Zhong Yu Tang  or  Xiao yao San


Blood Stasis

Blood stasis infertility will be closely associated with painful periods, dark clotted period blood and other conditions like fibroids, endometriosis or cysts.  This type of infertility can common be encountered after a woman has had an abortion at an earlier age.

Acupuncture points- Ren, foot Taiyin, BL 17 and SP 10, SP 8, Ren 3 - low abdominal pain- BL 32

Herbal Medicine Formula: Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang

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