Measles and Chinese Medicine

Common Measles

Mild fever (3-4 days) with slight sweat, no major mental symptoms, normal cough, eruptions begin to appear on 4th day behind ears working gradually down to neck-chest-back-abdomen- limbs and ending at the palms and soles of the feet.

It will progressively disappear in the same order to which it appeared there for first clearing up around the auditory areas. Most outbreaks occur during the winter and spring in children from 6months - 5 years.

It is highly contagious and all will have the characteristic Koplic Spots inside of the oral cavity.


4 Levels That Eruptions Represent Themselves Within:

Wei Qi Levels - fever, cough, runny nose, sneezing

Qi Level - redness of skin - muscles and spleen organ

Meridian Level - rash appears on surface with sore throat and possible spasms and convulsions

Blood Levels - sub cutaneous bleeding, macule


Chinese Medicine Diagnosis of Measles

- toxic heat invasion in the mouth (muscles, Spleen) or the nose (pores, Lung)


Chinese Medicine Treatment Of Measles:

Early Stage -acute onset, fever, slight sweat, runny nose, tearing eyes, aversion to cold, headache, scanty dark urine, soft stool - within 2-3days koplic spots appear T - thin, yellow coating P - floating rapid

Herbal Formula: Xuan Du Fa Fiao Tang

Middle Stage - eruptions appear, high fever, eruptions will be complete when they reach the palms, soles and tip of the nose. Irritability, thirst, yellow dark urine, tired, soft stools T - red, yellow coat P - rapid forceful

Herbal Formula: Qing Jie Tou Biao Tang

Late Stage - dry flaking skin where eruptions where, mild color, mild or no fever. All symptoms reduced and appetite increased with improved mental activity.

Herbal Formula: Sha Shen Mai Don’t Tang (+ Gua Lou Ren, Hou Ma Ren - dry stools) Toxic Heat Blocking Lungs - eruptions with pneumonia symptoms, high fever, irritability, cough, short of breath, phlegm in throat, nasal flaring, blue complexion, purple lips


Toxic Heat Invading Throat - High fever, sever sore swollen painful throat, heavy sounding cough, barking cough, irritability

Herbal Formula: Qing Yan Xia Tan Tang


Toxic Heat In Heart And Liver - nutrient blood level heat, high fever, irritability, delirium, severe eruptions, whole body swollen, spasm, convulsions T - strawberry’s, deep red, thick yellow dry coat

Herbal Formula: Qing Ying Tang


Prevention - Pu Gong Ying, Ban Lan Gen

German Measles

slight fever, all general symptoms of measles but less severe, cough, pale red macule, swollen lymph nodes.

Usually is complete in 1 day and remission occurs and begins to fade

*during pregnancy may cause miscarriage or retardation

Beginning Stage - Yin Qiao San + Chan Tui, Niu Bang Zi, Da Qing Ye, Ban Lan Gen, Pu Gong Ying

End Stage - Qing Jie Tou Biao Tang

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