Canker Sores

Canker Sores - Mouth Sores

Sores which are found inside the mouth which have a red base and a white head.


Chinese Medicine Treatment Of Canker Sores:

Wind Heat - concomitant sores with a cold - cough, headache, fever, aversion to cold

Herbal Formula: Liang Ge San


Heart Fire - canker sores mostly on tongue, irritability, thirsty, scanty dark urine (W.M. - usually compared to viral infections)

Herbal Formula: Xie Xin Dao Chi Tang


Deficiency Fire - chronic canker sores which are mildly painful

Herbal Formula: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan + Rou Gui (bring fire back to Kidneys) + Qi Tonic


External Application:

Wu Zhu Yu powder + Vinegar plaster applied on KD


Prevention: eat fresh fruit and veggies or if mother is breast feeding mother should eat deep green veggies and stay away from greasy, spicy, sweet foods

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