Anal Rectal Fistula

Anal Rectal Fistula and Chinese Medicine  


An anal fistula is a tube like whole which generally runs from the inside of the rectal canal to the outside of the perianal skin area.  This tube may run to many different areas such as the vagina or other close by areas.  An anal rectal fistula forms when one of the glands within the rectal canal opens into the rectum and forms a tube to another area.  This tube forms because the blocked anal gland becomes a abscess which erupts into another area which creates this tube or fistula.  If the fistula heals over then the abscess may be re-created, fills with pus, and erupts again onto the surface.  It is possible for there to me mild or severe discomfort during the abscess stage.  After this stage has passed only mild discomforts may be felt.  As this is a open tube pus generally will ooze from the opening as well as occasionally pass stool.  This can be a severe problem in such cases where the anal fistula passes from the rectal canal into the vagina.  In this case stool would pass from the rectum into the vagina.    


Surgery is one of the most effective and used type of treatment for this condition.  Removal of any abscess and correctional surgery of the fistula tube is done.  Herbal therapy can help the recovery and cure of this uncomfortable  condition.  


 Chinese Medicine Cure of Anal Rectal Fistula:

Help strengthen the bodies Immune system: 

Herbal Formula: Ba Zhen Tang


Damp Heat (infection)

Help with pain and discomfort of burning pains and smelly pus discharge.  There will be a whole body fever and local area swelling, pain, redness, ...  

Herbal Formula: Er Miao San or Bei Xie Shen Shi Tang


Deficiency Heat

use if there is only small amounts of heat with slight fever and dry skin around effected area.  

Herbal Formula: Bei Jia Tang


EXTERNAL Treatment of Anal Rectal Fistula:

Keep area as clean as possible.  Use a herbal wash with a herb like Ku Shen after each bowel movement.  A Sitz bath can also help cleanse the area.  Clean area with wash and cream afgter each bowel movement (minimum 2-3x per day) Surgery usually required.

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