Lung Paralysis

Results from chronic lung disorders Shortness of breath, white-frothy thin phlegm (possible blood), emaciation, fatigue, dry mouth/lips, weak voice, recurrent, lung becomes stiff, slowly gets worse and worse



Lung paralysis - not contagious,

Lung T.B.bacterium contagious


Chinese Medicine Differentation and Treatment

Deficient Heat Blood in phlegm-sticky, general yin deficiency symptoms, dry symptoms, emaciation, dry mouth/skin Tongue - red, scanty coat Pulse - thin, rapid

Principle of Treatment: clear deficient heat and nourish yin

Herbal Medicine Formula: Bai Hu Gu Jin Tang, Zhu Ye Shi Gao


Deficient Cold Cough, large amount of clear-thin-frothy phlegm, whole body deficiency cold symptoms, frequent urination (possible spleen or kidney deficiency) T - puffy P - weak

Principle of Treatment:: warm up lung and spleen Qi to expel cold

Herbal Medicine Formula: Shen Qi Wan, Gan Cao Gan Jiang


Deficient Heat and Deficient Cold Upper jiao heat with lower jiao cold,

Principle of Treatment: warming and clearing to harmonize cold and heat

Herbal Medicine Formula: Ma Huang Sheng Ma Tang

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