Ear Fungus

Ear Fungus Infection


Ear fungus infections are difficult to cure and generally are slow to respond to treatment.  As the ear is a warm, most and dark area is it a perfect spot for fungus to grow !  Keeping the ear as clean as possible and as dry as possible will decrease the chances of getting an ear fungus infection.   Once and fungus has taken up residence in the ear it is difficult to treat and eliminate the fungus.  Treating the area with herbal tinctures can be helpful but keep in mind that we do not want any fluids to enter into the middle ear. 


Taking herbs orally can help the body's own defences slowly eliminate the fungus.  This can take a very long time but taken along with external treatments will quicken your response and should decrease recurrent outbreaks of the fungus.  

The general signs and symptoms of having an ear fungus will be chronic itchiness within the ear, this itchiness is oftenworse in the evening or night.  The ear will feel distended and ones hearing will be decreased on this side (as the fungus acts as a blockage).  There will be ear aches,which can be dull or sharp in nature, ringing in the ears (tinnitis) and possible dizziness.  There is generally most flakes or a thick discharge from the ear which has gry or yellow flaky skin in it.  

A common herbal formula used in treating ear fungus infections:

Herbal Formula: Bei Xie Shen Shi Tang



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