Cancer (tumor, neoplasm)


Cancer is a serious disorder which needs professional medical help.  Before attempting to take any herbs or herbal formulas discuss the treatment options with a licensed practitioner of Chinese Medicine as well as your Western Doctor.  



-Benign -mild and generally non-progressive type of cancer. 

-Malignant - severe and progressive type of cancer which can invade and destroy near by tissues (Mestatasize)



substances which promote cancer growth by damaging the genome or modifying the metabolic process's.  Examples are tabacco smoke, asbestos, dioxins, arsonic, ...



Cancer of connective tissues (bone, cartilage, fat, muscle, ...).  



A malignant cancer found in epithelial tissue (breast, colon, pancreas, ...)  This cancer easily invades surrounding tissues and organs


Western Medicine Cancer Treatment:

Cancer Cure !  generally speaking a western doctor will never say that the cancer has been cured.  They are more likley to say that the cancer is in remission.  There is no way to find out if every single cancer cell has been destroyed or removed.  They can accuratley see if the cancer cells are decreasing in number !  Remission !


Cancer and Emotions:

it has been found that in a very high percentage of patients sufering from cancer that they experienced a very emotional trying time before the onset of the cancer symptoms.  High levels of stress, depression or anxiety would all fit into this category.


The 5 Emotioinal Responses when Diagnosed with Cancer:

1. Denial - will not accept diagnosis and goes in for 2nd or 3rd opinion

2. Anger - frustrated, irritated and confused, not sure of their next step

3. Agreement - aknowledge their position and try to find information, reading and researching

4. Depression - not wanting to deal with the cancer,extremely depressed

5. Acceptance - able to focuss on a treatment or method and able to accept help from others. 


Cancer and Diet Treatment:

There are so many types of diets out there which confuse us to what is healthy and what is not.  With cancer, switching to a diet which is high in quality and low in quantity can help.  As cancer cels absorb nutrients quickly, a small diet in anti-cancer foods can be beneficial.   Eating a diet large enough to keep the bodies metabolism at a healthy rate but not too much to allow for excess.  Trying to keep an alkaline diet and decreasing acidic foods will help establish a healthier environment which cancer will not live in as easily. 

DO NOT TREAT YOURSELF - see a licensed Chinese Medicine practitioner to properly diagnose and treat your condition along with a western medical treatment !


Herbs and Formulas which help Detoxify your Body from Cancer:

Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin, Pu Gong Ying Da Qing Ye


Anti-Cancer Toxic Herbs:

Quan Xie, Wu Gong, Zhe Chong


Combining Chinese Medicine Treatments with Other Treatment:

Great results can be obtained when combining both Chinese Herbal medicine, Acupuncture and Western treatments.  TCM can help the efficacy of the western treatments and at the same time decrease side effects and increase recovery rate.  


Combining Chinese Medicine and Western Treatment:

The stages of treatment:    First attack cancer and then rebuild immune system.


Chemotherapy and Chinese Medicine

According to Chinese medicine, chemotherapy causes blood stasis and toxic heat.  Chinese medicine will help clear this heat and decrease the negative effects of it's "drying" effects. Before beginning Chemotherapy herbs which help strengthen the body's energy and immune system should be used. Combining herbs during chemotherapy should have the ability to move and regulate the blood while decreasing toxic heat.  


Herbal Formulas for Before Chemotherapy:

Ba Zhen Tang,    Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang,    Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang,    Gui Pi Tang

Herbal Formulas for During Chemotherapy:

Tao Hong Si Wu Tang + detoxify herbs


Combining Chinese Medicine During Radiation Treatment:

In Chinese medicine, radiation is an extreme form of heat which causes the body to dry up leading to a deficiency of yin and body fluids.  During this treatment method we must nourish the body's Qi and fluids before, during and after.  

Herbal Formulas to use with Radiation Treatment:

Zheng Ye Tang Sheng Mai San,   Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang


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