Hypochondriac Pain

Hypochondriac Pain

Hypochondriac Pain Diagnosis:

Pain in the hypochondriac region or under the rib cage.  This pain can come and go or be a constant pressure or pain found under the ribs.  The pain can be on one or both sides of the abdomen and have a distended, stabbing, fixed or dull quality.


Western Medicine Diagnosis of Hypochondriac Pain:

hepatitis, Gallbladder pleura infections, intercostals neuralgia (more common in women)


Chinese Medicine

The Hypochondriac region is controlled by Liver in traditional chinese medicine.  When Liver Qi stagnates it often will show as a distention, pressure or discomfort under the ribs.  This pain may also be caused by injury or Blood Stasis, Damp/Heat, poor diet, or Liver Blood and Yin deficiency.



Liver Qi Stagnation Hypochondriac pain which moves, pain aggravated by stress and emotion 

Herbal Medicine Formula: Chai Hu Shu Gan Tang


Blood Stasis Hypochondriac pain which is fixed and is aggravated at night Tongue - purple Pulse - wiry

Herbal Medicine Formula: Xuan Fu Hua Tang


Damp Heat Invasion Hypochondria pain with bitter taste, aversion to cold, fever, fullness in chest, nauseous, vomit, possible jaundice Tongue - red, yellow greasy coat Pulse - rapid

Herbal Medicine Formula: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang


Liver Blood/Yin Deficiency Hypochondriac pain which is dull and chronic, blurred vision, dull/pale complexion Tongue - pale Pulse - thin, rapid

Herbal Medicine Formula: Yi Guan Jian


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