Prolonged Delivery

Prolonged Delivery  


To define what a prolong or over long deliver is we first need to define what a healthy deliver time is.  Deliver is broken down in to 3 different stages. 

1st stage - dilation of cervix,   this is the stage where mild contractions are felt which helps dilate the cervix.  This stage is the least painful and contractions will be felt every 5-20 minutes regularly.  This stage can last for 48 hours.  

2nd Stage - this phase is the time for pushing.  contractions are felt every 3-4 minutes and last 30-60 seconds.  The cervix will continue to dilate.  This stage lasts 2-4 hours ending with the birth and delivery of a healthy baby.  

3rd Stage - this stage is the birthing of the placenta.  Contractions will continue after the birth of the baby to help this process.  Birthing the placenta can take approximatley 30 minutes and can be a tiring process.  


If this process is taking too long there are 2 general causes according to Chinese Medicine.  There is either not enough Qi or energy to help push the baby or placenta out or there is some sort of blockage not allowing the birth.  These can be both emotional or physical blockages.  


Qi Blood deficiency

In this condition of prolonged delivery the mother does not  have enough Qi and energy to push baby out.  This may be due do to a weak constition or a tough and tiring pregnancy without much sleep or poor nutrition.  The contractions are not powerful, the woman has a pale complexion, feels exhausted, generally they will have little will power and have a feeling as they "can't do it" 

Acupuncture points -Strengthen using Moxaibustion !   points along the  foot Taiyin and Yangming, ST 36, KI 7 and SP 6, BL 67, LI 4, GB 2 - low spirit- PC 6


Qi and Blood stagnation

This condition of prolonged deliver can easily have a emotional aspect where there is a deep fear of having the baby or having the responsibility of a child.  If it is a first delivery the mom may be extremely nervous about the birth.   Lack of exercise throughout pregnancy, too cold in delivery room, delivery room is not a comfortable tranquil environment, ... There will be severe abdominal pains but the baby is not moving well, blood is dark red and clotted, the mom to be is very irritable. 

Acupuncture points - sedate and use Moxa then needle, BL 67, Duyin (second distal phalangeal joint on 2nd toe), LI 4, GB 21, SP 6


Alternative Treatment Methods

Auricular Acupuncture- uterus, subcortex, sympathetic, KI abdomen, intestines, BL, medium to strong stimulation every 3-5 minutes.

Electrical Acupuncture- BL 31, 32, LI 4, SP 6, tens pads (not as effective), strong intermittent frequency


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