Deafness - Acute

 Loss of Hearing - Deafness


Deafness is the decrease or inability to hear sounds.  It is usually a slow progression where the effected individual slowly relizes they need to have words repeated to them, they can not hear people easily or other sounds become difficult to hear.   Hearing loss can be either acute or chronic.  In some cases deafness occurs suddenly while in others over a long period of time.   Although a cure is difficult, with herbal treatment a positive influence can be had on ones hearing. 


Liver Qi upsurging

Acute deafness or loss of hearing which comes and goes with stress, frustration or other emotional stimulations.  It is common to occur with conditions of tinnitus, head aches, red complexion and rib side discomfort.

Herbal Formula: Xiao Yao San


Qi and Blood Stagnation

Acute deafness which comes on suddenly when doing physical activity such as heavy lifting, sneezing or head trauma.  There will be sharp pain in the head or around the ears, dizziness and a possible purple coloration of the ears.  

Herbal FormulaFu Yuan Hou Xue Tang


Kidney Deficiency

Slow hearing loss which leads to deafness.  This is most common in the elderly where the slow progression of hearing loss coincides with the aging process.  There will also be low back weakness or pain, frequent urination, low sex drive, peeing at night and weak or sore knees.  

Herbal Formula: Zou Gui Wan  or  You Gui Wan

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