General Symptoms of Sunstroke:

Mild sweat, feel hot, red complexion, dizziness, irritability, injures body fluids, T- red with yellow coat, P- floating rapid

Principle of Treatment – clear summer heat, regulate mid Jiao to relieve superficial

Acupuncture points - Du, hand yangming, Du 14, LI 4 and ST 43 (purge heat), PC 6 (regulate Stomach Qi), ST 36 - headache – ST 8 - nausea – Ren 12


Severe heat invades the Pericardium and injures Qi and Yin high fever, no sweat, burning hot skin with red complexion and eyes, dry mouth and lips, thirst, very irritable, spasm/convulsions, collapse, lose consciousness, T- red with yellow coat, P- strong surging or weak hidden

Principle of Treatment – purge summer heat, open orifices

Acupuncture points - Du 20, 26, Shi xuan, LI 4, 11, bleed PC 3 and BL 40 (purge Ying and Xue heat)


Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular – bleed apex, shenmen, adrenal, HT, occiput, strong stimulation for over 20 minutes)

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