Bronchitis Treatment

Bronchitis and Chinese Medicine


Bronchitis Diagnosis:

When have treated cough for 3 months and there is no alleviation - think lung cancer -this is usually a dry cough with phlegm that is difficult to cough out, when it is accompanied by chest pain the possibilities of it being a large tumor are good Bronchitis particularly has cough with phlegm, wheezing if the coughing is copious, can also occur with asthma When you have asthma it is easy to get bronchitis, not the other way around


Principle of treatment: descend lung Qi - moisten or eliminate phlegm depending on cough, boost immune system, strengthen and protect Lung and Spleen


Traditional Chinese Medicine - Kidney and Lung Deficiency


Diagnosis of Chronic Bronchitis: Time of day, of month, of year, †¦Phlegm: dry, sticky, yellow, white, clear, purple, lots, little, thin, thick, †¦ Dark Phlegm - kidney Purple Phlegm - Heart Qi/Yang deficiency Green Phlegm - liver attack lung Chest Pain - first think heart disorders, lung disorders second Fevers - high fever - pneumonia, bronchitis Lower fever - first think TB Dry cough, unable to remove phlegm - think cancer Diarrhea with bronchitis - mother and son both diseased - late stage - bad prognosis Diarrhea, edema and bronchitis - heart, lung, kidney failure


3 stages Bronchitis - Asthma - Emphysema - Chronic Bronchitis


Differentiate Bronchitis With:

Whooping cough - spasmodic cough, intermittent, red face, may vomit at end of coughing episode.

Pneumonia - high fever, shotness of breath, nostril flaring


Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

Lung and Spleen deficiency May also get Blood Stasis (if shows purple tongue) - use blood invigorators

Principle of Treatment: Spleen produces Qi, Lung controls Qi, Kidneys receive Qi

Herbal Formula: Sheng Mai San (LU HT Qi and Yin) - Yu Ping Feng San (LU Qi) - Fu zi Li Zong Tang (SP Yang) - Shen Ling Bai Zhu San (SP Damp) - Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang (SP LR) - Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang (SP ST) - Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (KI Yin)


*If you have chronic respiratory problems it is bad to Edema and/or diarrhea - if see diarrhea or Edema = Pulmonary Heart Disease

- Lung Yang deficiency upper, Kidney Spleen Yang deficiency lower

Herbal Formula: Zhen Wu Tang


Lung Yang deficiency water in upper part of body (tan yin - Phlegm-fluids) - usually with Heart Yang deficiency

Herbal Formula: Zhen Wu Tang (Fu Zi, Gan Jiang, Bai Zhu) - Si Ni Tang + Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang


Spleen Yang deficiency usually with Kidney or Heart Yang deficiency - King and Minister Fire warms Spleen

Herbal Formula: Fu Zi Li Zhong Tang - with Gui Zhi or Rou Gui = Fu Gui Li Zhong Tang


Liver Yang deficiency must be pain along the meridian - usually with Kidney Yang deficiency

Herbal Formula: Wu Zhu Yu Tang - Dang Gui Si Ni Tang (blood Bi) - Fu Gui Di Huang Wan Note: Asthma - early there is usually constipation - late there is usually diarrhea


External Causes Of Bronchitis:

Wind Cold - Xing Su San

External Wind Cold and Interior Heat - (fever, phlegm) Xing Su SanAdd - Huang Qin, Pi Pa Ye, Ban Lan Gen Wind Heat - Sang Ju Yin Lung Heat - Huang Qin, Yi Xing Cao

Sore Throat - Xuan Shen, Shi Gan, Niu Bang Zi Phlegm - Gua Lou, Zhe Bei Mu, Ting Li Zi


Internal Causes Of Bronchitis Phlegm Heat - Qing Jing Hua Tian Tang

Phlegm - Dai Gu San

Constipation - Gua Lou Ren Nose Bleed - Mu Dan Pi, Bai Mao Gen

Chest Pain - Chai Hu, Yu Jin, Zhi Qiao

Yin Deficiency - Sha Shen, Mai Men Dong

Phlegm Damp - Er Chen Tang

Frothy Phlegm and Wheezing - Xiao Qing Long Tang

Food Retention - Lai Fu Zi, Bao He Wan

Chest Congestion - Hou Po, Jie Geng

Qi Deficiency - Ren Shen Wu Wei Zi Tang Lung

Yin Deficiency - Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Tang


Hot Type - Ding Chuang Tang (int. phlegm heat) Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang (more external heat) Complicated Cold and Hot - Da Qing Long Tang Complicated Deficiency and Excess - Du Qi Wan + Shi Gan Ma Huang Tang


During Remission:

Lung Qi Deficiency - Yu Ping Feng San

Spleen Qi Deficiency - Liu Jun Zi Tang

Kidney Deficiency - Shen Qi Wan


Chronic Bronchitis Herbal Treatment:

Excellent Herbs For Bronchitis Ban Xia, Huang Qi, Chen Pi, Chi Shao Yao, Fu Ling, Gan Cao, Bu Gu Zhi Good Herbs for Bronchitis Yu Xing Cao, Jie Geng, Fu Zi, Dan Shen, Bai Bu, Bai Hu, Dang Shen, Bai Zhu, Gan Jiang, Bei Mu, Huang Jing, Wu Wei zi

Excellent Herbs For Asthma Ma Huang, Di Long, Bei Mu, Xing Ren, Xi Xin, Shi Gan, Fu Ling, Gan Cao, Su Zi, Wu Wei Zi, Ban Xia, Huang Qin, Zi Cao

Good Herbs for Asthma Bai Jie Zi, Lai Fu Zi, Gan Jiang, Gua Lou, Bu Gu zhi, Sheng Jiang, Sang Bai Pi, Shu Di, Jiang Can, and Chan Tui

Good Herbs for Wind Cold and Wind Heat Sha Shen (LU, ST) and Bai Hu (LU, HT) -

Chronic Lung Yin deficiency - Stick Phlegm Formula - San Zi Yang Qin Tang


Acupuncture - bronchitis/asthma - LU 6, BL 15

Moxibustion - bronchitis - back shu points, direct

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