Staphylococcus Aureus - Impetigo


Impetigo is a highly contagious bacterial skin infection most commonly found in children or in people who play close contact sports such as wrestling.  This skin infection is superficial and occurs on normal skin surfaces most commoly the legs in children.   The skin lesions may vary from pee sized vesicles to large "ringworm" like lesions.  In either case these infections progress rapidly and most commonly appear in warm and humid conditions like late summer or inside conditions such as saunas or locker rooms.  


General signs and symptoms of Impetigo can be locally inflammed and swollen lymph nodes, head aches, fever, malaise, fatigue, weakness and possible nausea with vomitting.  There are 3 different types of Impetigo:

1 - Impetigo Contagiousa

 thin pustular vesicles which rupture and cause typical flu like symtpoms.   If treated well, this type of impetigo heals quickly and does not leave scarring.  

2 - Bullous Impetigo

fluid filled pustules found on the abdomen and back, legs, buttocks and other areas which are red and itchy but not painful.  They will break leaving a yellow crusty scab when healing.  It may take a long time for this type of impetigo to heal.

3 - Ecthyma

a more chronic and severe type of Impetigo.  Ecthyma Impetigo goes deeper than the superficial layers entering the dermis layer of the skin.  This creates a more painful skin condition which can leave scarring.  

 The local lymph nodes will be swollen and can usually begin healing with no scarring in 10 days.


Chinese Medicine Treatment Of Impetigo:

3 main types of Impetigo in Chinese Medicine:

1 - Summer Heat   2 - Toxic Heat  3 - Damp Heat Stagnation  


1 Summer Heat - fever and sweating, lethargy, skin eruptions which are red, itchy, have a generalized discharge and are very itchy.  

Herbal Formula: Qing Shu Yin


2 Toxic Heat - severe blisters which feel very warm or hot, are bright red and can effect the whole body.  There is a strong fever which may or may not have sweating.  The effected skin areas may have an ill defined border.  

Herbal Formula: Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin


3 Damp Heat Stagnation - large skin eruptions with lots of redness around each blister, itchiness and blisters are easily broken and ooze for a long time.  They will always have a yellow crust.

Herbal Formula: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang




Remember !  Impetigo is a highly contagious skin condition and should be treated accordingly.  Keep area clean, dry and airy.  A herbal disinfectant  using Qing Dai Powder can help decrease the healing time. 

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