Periods - None


Amenorrhea or No Periods


Diagnosis of Amenorrhea or No Periods

- Primary Amenorrhea is diagnosed when one has never had a period

- Secondary Amenorrhea is diagnosed when a women's period stops completely for more than 3 months consecutivley 

Amenorrhea happens normally during a few times during a womens period.  Examples of normal Amenorrhea would be during the 9 months of pregnancy, breast feeding after a birth, during the first years of a womens pre-pubecent years and post menopause.


Causes for No Periods in Chinese Medicine:

1. Liver and Kidney deficiency - too young or too deficient

2. Kidney Yang - body is too cold to promote blood

3. Qi and Blood Deficiency - When the spleen and stomach are deficiency they are unable to produce blood.  This creates a lack of blood in the uterus as well as a lack of qi to help move blood out.

4. Yin and Blood- no source of blood, sea of blood is dry (blood dryness)

5. Qi and Blood stagnation - cold invasion and stress leads to Qi and blood stagnation

6. Phlegm-Damp accumulation - Spleen Qi/Yang deficiency blocks Chong and Ren meridians.

 Patient will usually be over weight. Primary Bi-Jing - female needs physical check up to see if there are any physical problems.


Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

Liver Kidney -primary amenorrhea  or secondary amenorrhea

period slowly gets slower and slower till it gradually stops, weak body symptoms Plus - LR KI sym. T- pale P- deep, weak

Principle of Treatment: - Nourish liver and kidney to regulate menstruation

Herbal Medicine Formula: - Gui Shen Wan


Qi and Blood -

gradually period becomes smaller and disappears, patient generally has fatigue, digestive problems, pale skin, weak nails, dry skin and other Qi and Blood deficiency symptoms.

Principle of Treatment: - nourish Qi and Blood to regulate period

Herbal Medicine Formula: - Ren Shen Yang Ying Tang (Ba Zhen Tang = base formula for def. Qi and blood


Qi and Blood stagnation -

absence of period, patient is easily angered and/or depressed with hypochondriac / chest fullness, pain in lower abdomen. Plus - T- purple P- wiry-uneven-deep

Principle of Treatment: - regulate Qi, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis to regulate period.

Herbal Medicine Formula:- Zue Fu Zhu Yu Tang


Phlegm Dampness - patient generally over weight - puffy face, ankle edema, large amount of leucorrhoea, fullness in chest, heavy feeling with fatigue. Plus - T- greasy coat P- slippery

Principle of Treatment: - eliminate phlegm and dampness, regulate Qi and Blood topromote period.


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