Breast Disorders

Breasts are for beauty
Breasts nourish baby
Breasts are emotional centers
Stimulation of nipples initiates uterine contractions

TCM - Breast physiology
1. First related to ST (SP) Jing
2. Secondly related to LR Jing (circles nipple)
3. Thirdly related to KI Jing (controls reproduction)
4. Chong and Ren both originate from reproductive areas and go to chest

TCM - Breast Pathology
May be invaded from external or have internal organ disharmony of Qi and blood

1. LR Qi stagnation (most common)
2. Qi and blood - see from appearance, lack of milk
3. Heat (LR ST) - leakage, bleeding, mastitis
4. Phlegm and Qi stagnation - lumps
5. LR KI - lack of milk, PMS, cysts

Quantity and Quality of milk, or , color of milk, normally there should be no leakage, shape of breast (large = problems, small = problems), areola color/shape/size - when get dark = pregnant (very dark = boy, slightly dark = girl), areola turns orangey pale w/ undefined edge and/or inverted nipple may mean tumor, cancer will have a fixed bumpy edged lump w/ above areola signs, cysts have a clear edge and are moveable.

Principle of Treatment Internal
treating Qi (nourish and move) Soothe LR, nourish Qi and blood, clear Heat/detoxify, dissolve hardness, nourish LR KI

Plasters, moxa (heat therapy), acupuncture, massage, washes, etc.
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