Anal Abscess

Anal Abscess


Anal abscess, also known as rectal abscess is an infection in the anal area.  Commonly mistaken as hemorrhoids in it's initial stages anal abscess's will slowly worsen giving rise to local area pain and swelling with an accompanied fever.  An  anal abscess is generally caused by bacteria (ie- ecoli or staphylococcus) which enters into the skin in the rectal or anal area causing an infection.  These bacteria kill the local cells triggering an immune response by the body to stop the spread of this bacteria by encapsulating it.  This capsule gets hard and red as more blood flow is brought to it bringing white blood cells.  

An anal abscess can progress rapidly to become a very sensitive and dangerous disorder where the simple act of rolling over or standing will bring on extreme pain.   General treatment or cure for this disorder is a slight incision and drainage of the abscess to rid the body of the dead cells (pus) to help promote healing.  Occasionally packing is put into the drained abscess.  Although commonly practiced this may hinder healing.  After surgery the effected area (anal rectal area) is soaked occasionally in warm salty water (sitz bath).  


Chinese Medicine Cure for Anal Abscess:
Along with draining the anal abscess these herbal formulas will help promote the healing process.


Exess Heat Type:

Red and burning hot abscess which is acute and progresses rapidly.  When the abscess is drained there will be a foul odour and very yellow pus.  The patient will have a high fever as well as constipation with dry stools.  

Herbal Formula: Huang Lian Jie Du Tang    with / or    Long Dan Xie Gan Tang


Deficiency Heat Type:

Anal abscess which is more chronic and slower to progress.  There is pain and a sensation of heat but is less severe than the above pattern.  The heat and discomfort is often aggravated in the evenings and has night sweats or night heat. Once drained, the abscess will have a smaller amount of watery pus which has a mild odor.  

Herbal Formula: Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang    with / or    San Miao Wan


EXTERNAL Cure for Anal Abscess:

with a sitz bath or by themselves using a hot herbal soak for the effected anal abscess:

Early Stage -   Jiang Huang    and/or    Huang Lian

After Drainage / Bursting Stage  - Jiu Yi Dan



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