Severe Fatigue - Extreme Tiredness  

A person with severe fatigue can generally sleep anywhere or anytime no matter how much sleep they have received. With severe fatigue you may wake up in the morning and keep on sleeping through out the day, fatigue can be so bad that you will be unable to work. Fatigue is commonly Is caused by Yang Qi Deficiency but can also have other causes.  


Western Medicine Diseases for Fatigue: Chronic fatigue, Bi polar or Narcolepsy, ...


Etiology (causes) of Fatigue:

1. Phlegm and Dampness (yin pathogens) block yang Qi

2. Spleen Qi Deficiency: Creates Qi and Blood deficiency - body not nourished, whole body becomes flaccid

3. Kidney Yang Deficiency: Old age/chronic illness - bones, mind, essence and spirit all become weak

4. Traumatic Injury/Blood Stasis: Qi and Blood do not circulate creating deficiency

5. Sudden Shock/Fear: Causes Qi stagnation- Qi doesnt ascend to brain


Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

Damp Accumulation (blocks spleen Qi) Heaviness in head and limbs, edema, poor appetite, fullness in chest, nauseous Tongue - greasy, swollen Pulse - soft

Principle of Treatment: Dry Dampness and strengthen Spleen Qi

Herbal Medicine Formula: Tai Wu Shen Zhu San


Turbid Phlegm Stagnation Heaviness in head and limbs, poor appetite, fullness in chest, nauseous, over weight Tongue - greasy, swollen, sticky Pulse - slippery

Principle of Treatment: Eliminate Phlegm and invigorate Spleen.

Herbal Medicine Formula: Wen Dai Tang


Spleen Qi Deficiency Unable to stay awake after meals, poor appetite, soft stools, spleen Qi deficiency symptoms Tongue - pale, puffy, teeth marks Pulse - soft, weak

Prinicple of Treatment: Strengthen spleen Qi and eliminate dampness

Herbal Medicine Formula: Xiang Sha Lu Jun Zi Tang, Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang (spleen Qi sinking)


Kidney Yang Deficiency Spleen Qi deficiency symptoms with cold symptoms, lack of concentration, poor memory Tongue - pale Pulse - deep, thin

Principle of Treatment: Nourish Kidney Yang

Herbal Medicine Formula: Fu Zi Li Zhong Tang


Blood Stasis History of traumatic injuries, H/A, sleepiness with cloudy dizziness Tongue - purple Pulse - uneven

Principle of Treatment: Promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis

Herbal Medicine Formula: Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tang


Other things which may help people with extreme fatigue is regular exercise like walking 20 - 45 min per day, regular sleeping habits, dietary changes, ...

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