Impotence and Chinese Medicine

Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction, Difficulty sustaining an Erection, ED, ...   These types of symptoms have many different possible causes.  Depending on physical, mental or emotional diagnosis most cases can be successfully treated leading back to a healthy sex life.   Chinese Medicine treatment of impotence can have several causes as well but is most commonly connected to a mans kidney function.  Other factors could be chronic illness, stress, and depression.


The descriptions below would be some examples of causes and cures for impotence effecting healthy men.  


Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

Kidney Deficiency Causing Impotence

low back pain or weakness, sore knees, frequent urination, cold feet, cold body, infertility, fatigue,  clear or watery sperm or small amount of ejaculate.  low sex drive, inability to sustain an erection

Herbal Medicine Treatment: You Gui Wan


Heart and Spleen Disorder Leading to Impotence

poor sleep, heart palpitations, low appetite, poor energy, loose stool, inability to sustain an erection

Herbal Medicine Treatment: Gui Pi Tang + Qi Fu Yin


Kidney Qi Deficiency Due To Shock - Acute Impotence

Chronic long term fear or recent shock, overall a timid person with lots of dreams at night and frequent urination especially at night.  Unable to sustain an erection as well as experiencing a low libido.

Herbal Medicine Treatment: Da Yu Tang + Kidney tonics


Damp Heat In Lower Jiao Cause for Impotence

skin rashes, pimples or history of Sexually Transmitted Diseases around genitals or anus, general feeling of warmth or hot, sweats easily, irritability, possible high sex drive but not able to sustain erection, dark urine, discomfort with urination and lots of smell (very concentrated urine)

Herbal Medicine Treatment: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang


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