Common Cold

Common Cold


Diagnosis of the Common Cold:  

The Gan Mao   deals with lung system disorders resembling the common cold which include sudden onset, sore throat, fever, head ache and nasal discharge.


Western medicine - common cold or flu due to external pathogen/ acute viral, bacterial infection.


Chinese Medicine

- invasion blocking LU Qi, superficial syndrome

Lung functions: descending and dispersing governing Qi regulating temperature controlling breathing controlling open/close of pores regulate water passage controls vessels


Etiology (causes):

1. Cold on top of Fire -patient usually hot but catches cold Gan Mao

2. Wind Heat- impairs lung descending function

3. Summer Heat -usually appears in summer, commonly accompanied with dampness

4. Qi Deficiency -patient usually catch's colds throughout the year, has general fatigue shortness of breath and a weak voice.

5. Yang Deficiency -all Qi deficient symptoms but feels more cold

6. Blood Deficiency -general blood deficient symptoms

7. Yin Deficiency -general yin deficient symptoms


Distinguish between: Wind cold or Wind heat, Dryness or Dampness, Deficiency or Excess


Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment


Principle of Treatment - Expel Wind cold, disperse, promote LUQI, relieve superficial area.

Acupuncture points Rx - Hand Yang Ming, Hand Taiyin, LU 7 + LI 20 ( nose disorders, cough), LI 4 (reinforce LU's function to expel cold), BL 12, SI 7 (relieve aversion to cold + headache), GB 20, Yang Wei (Pond of wind)

- Headache - Yin Tang and Tai Yang- Wind Cold - complicated damp heavy body, nausea = SP 10, LU 5, - Qi Stagnation - SJ 6, GB 34 - Wind Cold + Qi def - ST 36, BL 11, BL 43, BL 13 - Body ache - Cupping. From BL 11 ~ BL 13 ~ Lumber region. Then stop at BL 13 for 15min.


Cold on top of Fire Fever, aversion to cold, no perspiration, H/A, body ache, stuffy nose, sore throat, cough with white/yellow phlegm.

Principle of Treatment:: promote lung function, expel wind cold, to relieve superficial symptoms.

Herbal Medicine Formula: Cong chi tang With Damp - Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San With Heat - Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang


Wind Heat Fever, sweating, aversion to wind, cough, sore throat, H/A, yellow phlegm T - thin yellow coat P - floating, rapid

Principle of Treatment:: promote lung function, expel wind heat, and relieve superficial area

Acupuncture points Rx - Hand TaiYin, Hand Yang Ming, DU/ sedate, LU 10, LU 5 (clear, descend, soar throat, fever, cough, Phlegm), LI 11, ST 44 (Ying-spring, clear heat, relieve thirst, fever, dry), DU 14, SJ 5 (reduce fever, superficial area), LU 11, LI 11( bleed), ST 9, Xi Chuan ( high fever), Ren 22 (cough) - Complicated blood def - SP 10, SP 6, BL 13 - Yin def - KD 6, KD 7

Herbal Medicine Formula: Sang Ju Yin, Yin Qiao San


Summer Heat Similar to wind heat symptoms but hotter. Thirst, nausea, dizzy, heavy head, high fever. Tongue - yellow greasy coat Pulse - rapid soft, floating

Principle of Treatment:: Clear summer heat and dampness and relieve superficial area.

Acupuncture points Rx - Hand Taiyin, Foot Yangming, with neutral stimulation, LU 6, LI 4 (promote LI function, clear summer heat, transform damp), ST 36, Ren 12 (middle jiao dampness), SJ 6 (regulate 3 jiao, transform dampness, expel summer heat) - High fever - Du 14 - more damp - SP 9 - Irregular bowl, soft, or sticky BM - ST 25 - Qi + Yang def - ST 36, BL 43 - Yin or blood def - BL 13, SP 10, KD 7

Herbal Medicine Formula: Xin Jia Xiang Ru Yin


Qi Deficiency Easily feels cold, spontaneous sweating, general wind cold superficial symptoms. Tongue - white coating Pulse - floating, weak

Principle of Treatment: Nourish Qi, harmonize defensive Qi and relieve superficial area.

Herbal Medicine Formula: Huang Qi Gui Zhi Wu Wu Tang, Shen Su Yin


Yang Deficiency Spontaneous sweating, (more cold after sweat), aching muscle/joint with cold sensation, pale complexion, puffy face. Tongue - pale swollen with white coating P - deep, thin, weak

Principle of Treatment:: warm up yang, relieve superficial area

Herbal Medicine Formula: Fu Zi Gui Zhi Tang


Blood Deficiency: Aversion to wind, fever, H/A, dizziness, floaters, lips/fingers pale, poor memory, insomnia Tongue - pale Pulse - thin

Principle of Treatment: nourish blood, relieve superficial area

Herbal Medicine Formula: Cong Bai Qi Wei Yin


Yin Deficiency low grade fever in evening, 5-centre heat sensation, night sweat, emaciation, dry mouth/skin and throat, aversion to wind, H/A Tongue - red, peeled Pulse - thin, rapid

Principle of Treatment:: nourish yin, relieve superficial area

Herbal Medicine Formula: Jia Jian Wei Rui Tang


Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular - LU, trachea, nose, throat, SJ, ear apex,

*strong stimulation cupping and

7 star needle - BL meridian self massage - LI 4, 20

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