Chronic inflammatory disorders usually characterized by papules, erythema and pustules forming primarily on and around the nose but also on the cheeks and possibly the forehead. Most commonly found on middle aged women.


Chinese Medicine - Rosacea is typically caused by hyperactive Yang Heat relating with stress, diet and local infections


3 stages:

1-red local area, slightly enlarged vessels upon close observation

2-red eruptions appear, possible pusy eruptions, itchy, hot, slightly purple, enlarged pores

3-thick red skin with bee hive like pores, purple skin


Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment



Damp Heat stagnation in Jing Luo

Herbal Formula: Huang Qin Qing Fei Ying With thick orange coating over nose - (soften hardness) Mu Li, Kun Bu, Xia Ku Cao With Constipation - Da Huang, Hou Ma Ren, Yu Li Ren With Dry Internal Nose - Zhi Zi, Sang ye


Blood Heat In Lung And Stomach - 1st stage Red face, greasy hot complexion, aggravated by hot foods and stimulants

Herbal Formula: Xie Bai San (irritability) + Ji Zi, Ju Ye(dry stool) + Da Huang, Zhi Shi


Toxic Heat - 2nd Stage Permanent red face with eruptions and pussy discharge, hot swollen areas with bitter taste and constipation

Herbal Formula: Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin or Long Dan Xie Gan Tang

Heat and Blood Stasis - 3rd Stage Late stage, big nodules formed, ’bee hive like’ with burning hot painful effected area

Herbal Formula: Liang Xue Si Xu Tang or Fu Feng Dan Shen Pian or Da Huang Zhe Chong Wan



Herbal Formula: Dian Dao San + Feng Mi (honey) and apply topically Keep regular bowel movements and avoid stimulants and fried food


External Application - add above herbs mixed with white vinegar and place on problem area.

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