Breathing disorder – shortness of breath, cannot lay down flat, must sit up, must rise shoulders to breath, flapping of ala nazi, purple lips/tongue (pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, emphysema)


Etiology (causes):

1. External pathogen – invades lung blocking respiratory tract (acute dyspnoea)

2. Internal pathogens – fluid/phlegm retention blocking respiratory tract

3. Emotion- all seven emotions cause stagnation of Qi – causes fluid retention or blood stasis

4. diet- spleen produces phlegm, phlegm blocks function of lung 5. deficiency - Lung and Kidney def.


Differentiate between:

Excess - more acute onset, rise shoulders, loud, rough sounding,

Deficient - onset slow, difficult to inhale, inhale is shallow, fast respiration, quiet sounding, agg by activity,

Asthma - difficulty catching breath with

WEEZING (disease), Dyspnea - difficulty catching breath (symptoms)


Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

Wind Cold Fullness in chest, rising shoulder, aversion to cold, shivering, sneezing, cough, runny nose, watery mucus, slight or no fever, no sweating, no thirst Tongue - thin white coat Pulse - floating, tense

Principle of Treatment:: pungent warm herbs

Herbal Medicine Formula: Ma Huang Tang


External Cold, Internal Fluid Retention Fluid retention in chest, distended chest, copious sputum

Principle of Treatment:: warm lung, expel cold, transform fluids

Herbal Medicine Formula: Xiao Qing Long Tong


Phlegm Damp in Lung Cough with yellow phlegm and dyspnoea, fullness in chest, nauseous, Tongue - white greasy coating Pulse - slippery, rapid

Principle of Treatment:: eliminate phlegm and damp, promote lung function

Herbal Medicine Formula: Er Chen Tang, San Zi Yang Qin


Wind Heat Invasion Wind heat superficial symptom and dyspnoea

Principle of Treatment:: expel wind heat, promote lung function

Herbal Medicine Formula: Sang Jue Yin


Dry Heat in Lung Dry symptoms with dyspnoea, sore/dry throat, dry tongue, hoarse, fever Tongue - red, yellow coat P - rapid

Principle of Treatment: clear heat, lubricate lung

Herbal Medicine Formula: San Xing Tang


Accumulation of Phlegm Heat Full onset of Pneumonia, fever, thirst, yellow phlegm Tongue - thick sticky yellow coat Pulse - slippery, rapid

Principle of Treatment: clear heat, eliminate phlegm

Herbal Medicine Formula: Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang

Deficient Lung and Spleen Qi Shortness of breath, weak voice, bright white complexion, no appetite, loose stools, lung and spleen Qi deficiency signs Tongue - pale, puffy P - empty Principle of Treatment: Nourish spleen and Lung Qi

Herbal Medicine Formula: Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, Sheng Mai San


Kidney Yang Deficiency Shallow inhale, difficult to catch breath, kidney yang deficiency symptoms frequent urination, edema of lower extremities, coldness, cold/weak back Tongue - pale Pulse - deep

Principle of Treatment: warm up kidney yang Qi

Herbal Medicine Formula: Shen Qi Wan Kidney Yin Deficiency Reproductive system deficient symptoms, dry mouth at night, night sweats T- red, peeled Pulse - thin, rapid


Kidney Yin Deficiency

Principle of Treatment: nourish kidney yin

Herbal Medicine Formula: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan

Essence - Qi Wei Du Qi Wan Gasping - He Che Da Zao Wan

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