Periods - Long Bleeding


Long Periods - Prolonged Periods  

A long period is a period which lasts 7 days or more and may be accompanied with a Heavy Period.   A long period is common with women entering menopause but could be something more serious in younger women.  Other things can easily influence your period such as stress, diet and lifestyle.  A long period may only happen once in a while and have no severe underlying condition. 

A long period must be distinguished from bleeding between periods which would have bleeding around ovulation, stopping and then having an actual period.  

Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment


Qi Deficiency

Long periods due to Qi deficiency will have fresh red or pale watery bleeding for 7 days or more during each period.  The bleeding will be heavier or last longer if the woman has been overly tired or exhausted.  Missing meals and not eating regularly or lack of sleep will aggravate these symptoms.  Accompanied with the period will be fatigued and an urge to sleep more doing this time.  

Herbal Medicine Formula: Gui Pi Tang or Ba Zhen Tang


Heat in Blood

Long Periods due to excessive heat will have a large amount of fresh red or bright red blood.  They will have a feeling of heat as the menstrual blood passes and have a general sense of feverishness.  Things like spicy foods, sugar and coffee will all agravate this condition.  

Herbal Medicine Formula: Liang Di Tang + Er Zhi Tang


Heat in Blood - Damp / Heat

This condition is the same as the above but there will also be symptoms of dampness.  General signs and symptoms associated with this pattern would be vaginal discharge which is thick, yellow and has an odour.  The menstrual blood may have mucus with it and the woman may experience more bloating and edema.  

Herbal Medicine Formula: Si Miao Wan


Blood Stasis

Blood stasis causing long periods will give rise to very painful cycles.  The period blood will contain clots and be dark in color.  The menstrual pain will be relieved with the passing of clots.  The pain may be relieved with the application of heat. 

Herbal Medicine Formula: Tao Hong Si Wu Tang

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