Blood Deficiency - Low White Blood Cell Count

White Blood Cell Count Deficiency


Blood is a type of connective tissue made up of several different types of cells.  Blood is made up of red blood cells, White Blood Cells, Platelets or Thrombocytes.  Red Blood Cells main job is to transport oxygen to the body and take waste gas in the form of Carbon Dioxide to the lungs.  Platelets help the body stop bleeding due to any cause.  White Blood cells help the body fight infection.  Blood also carries other substances such as glucose, hormones, wastes, amino acids, lipids, ...


If Red Blood cells are deficient this creates a condition called anemia !  for more information about anemia, different causes and natural cures for this condition, click HERE.  When platelet's are deficient within the blood plasma it will lead to all sorts of bleeding disorders and easily bruising.  


White Blood Cell Count Deficiency
White Blood cells are also called Leukocytes.  There are 5 different types of white blood cells broken down into 2 groupos, Granulocytes or Agranulocytes.  Granulocytes are known as either Basophils, neutrophils or eosinophils. 
Agranulocytes are known as Lymphocytes or Monocytes.  All white blood cells fight infection protecting the body from foreign invaders such as virus's and bacterium. 


If the number of white blood cells is above the normal amount (4,000-10,000/mm3) this condition is called Leukemia.  If the white blood cell count is deficient it is called Leukopenia.  When doing these tests if they can find a particular white blood cell to be deficient (ie - basophils) they would call it Basopenia.  


A white blood cell count can become deficient by a number of causes not limited to this list below:

chemotherapy, radiation therapy, aplastic anemia, bone marrow disease, spleen diseases, liver diseases, vitamin deficiencies, and autoimmune diseases.  


The general signs and symptoms of having a white blood cell count beeing deficient are far and few between.  Unfortunatley many of the symptoms  relate to catching colds readily.  As the white blood cells fight off infection, not having enough of these cells leads to chronic colds, mouth ulcers, bladder infections, digestive problems and other infections.   Your body will not be able to fight off fungal, bacterial or viral infections nearly as effectivly when the defense mechanism is compromised.  


If at any time you are suspecting that you have a white blood cell count which is deficient go to your doctor to see if this is a possibility.  Most likley a simple blood test can rule out this condition.  


Treatment of White Blood Cell Deficiency.  

Leukopenia needs to be taken very seriously.  A definitive diagnosis will consist of having a blood test and possibly bone marrow test to confirm and identify which white blood cells are deficient.  Western medicine treatment for this condition is generally a form of growth factors called cytokines which help the bone marrow produce white blood cells.  Along with the treatment of growth factors to treat the leukopenia antibiotics or other medications may be administered to treat current infections in the body.    


In mild conditions, chinese herbal medicine has been given with good results.  

Herbal Formula:

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

Beneficial Herbs:

Tu Si Zi, Yin Yan Huo, Wu Jia Pi


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