Depression, easily worries, anxiety, emotionally un-stable, possible plum pit syndrome, fullness in chest and hypochondriac regions.

Differentiate between Dian and Kuang disorders which are longer in duration than melancholic states.


Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

Liver Qi Stagnation Distended pain, belching, sighing

Principle of Treatment – soothe liver, regulate qi to relieve Yu Syndrome.

Acupuncture points – foot jue yin, foot shao yang meridiansLR 14 (front MU), LR 3 (Yuan Primary) , GB 34, SJ 6, PC 6, ST 36, Ren 17(Qi stag) Sore ThroaTongue - Ren 21, LU 11 Qi


Stagnation turning to Fire Red eyes, acid refulux, anger, irritable PTongue - purge liver fire and relive Yu syndrome.

Acupuncture points – foot jue yin, foot yang ming meridiansLR 14, LR 2 (Ying Spring), GB 34, SJ 6, ST 44 Vomiting fluids – GB 24 Nauseous feeling – Ren 12, ST 41


Worry and depression injuring ShenPoor concentration, poor sleep, crying, sadness, angry, tight chest, poor appetite, heart deficiency with emotional stagnation, un-stable emotions with a “foggy mind” PTongue - nourish Heart, calm spirit

Acupuncture points - hand shao yin and foot tai yin meridians HT 7, 5, PC 6, Ren 17, BL 15, SP 6, ST 36 Easily shocked – BL 18, 19


Deficiency of Heart and Spleen Palpitations, poor appetite, dizziness, fatigue, fullness in chest, easily sweat, insomnia, poor memory P- thin, wiry PTongue - nourish heart and strengthen spleen to calm spirit

Acupuncture points - hand shao yin and foot tai yin meridians and back shu points.HT 7, BL 15, 20, SP 6, ST 36, Ren 12, LR 13 Stagnation – LR 3, PC 6


Kidney Yin deficiencywith deficiency Heart Fire More chronic melancholy, insomnia, anger with Kidney Yin deficiency symptoms. PTongue - nourish yin, clear heat and calm heart and spirit.

Acupuncture points – foot shao yin, foot tai yin and hand shao yinSP 6, KD 3, LR 3, HT 7, BL 15, 23 Irritability – GB 34, Si Shen Chong (4 pts on head)


Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular – shen men, sympathetic, endocrine, heart , kidney

injection – vit B1 or Dan Shen to GB 20, PC 6 , BL 15

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