Abdominal Pain

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is any type of discomfort felt from below the ribs and diaphgram to the top of the pubic bone and as wide as the flanks.  Pain in this area may include the skin and muscles of the abdominal wall but generally will refer to pain in the internal organs found in this area.  Suspected organs which cause abdominal pain are the stomach, large intestine, small intestine, pancreas, spleen, colon, liver and gallbladder.  In some cases referral pain may be felt in the abdominal cavity from organs found outside of this area like the kidneys, ovaries, lungs, ... 


Possible Causes of Abdominal Pain:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS : chronic, off and on type of pain which may last months or years.  The pain will be amelioriated often after a bowel movement.  

Appendicitis: Pain in the lower right quadrant of the abdominal cavity.  It may begin close to the umbilicus buty will move towards the lower right area of the abdomen. 

Gall Stones: acute pain which is severe and in the upper right side of the abdomen.  The pain will be constant and last a minimum from 30 minutes but can last several hours.  

Diverticulosis: pain found in the lower left area of the abdominal cavity.  

Pancreatitis:  Severe steady pain found in the upper abdomen and upper back which lasts 24 or more hours.  

Colitis: ulcerative colitis may both a fever and diarrhea.  

Ulcers: pain is relieved by eating food or taking antacids. 

Intestinal Blockage:  cramping pain which comes and goes in waves while the blockage will create sounds coming from the abdomen.  

There are many other causes of abdominal pain and all symptoms should be diagnosed by a certified practitioner before seaking a cure for this discomfort.  


Chinese Medicine Herbal Treatment of Abdominal Pain: 

Cold Pain

Acute abdominal pain which is severe in nature and often is accompanied by constipation, and pain in the lower rib area. 

Herbal Medicine Formula: Da Huang Fu Zi Tang


Deficient Cold

Dull chronic abdominal pain which is alleviated by warmth and pressure. Generally the patient will have loose stools with little or no smell, feel cold easily, pale complexion and experience fatigue.  

Herbal Medicine Formula: Huang Qi Jian Zhong Tang


Excess Heat

Abdominal pain which is acute and severe.  There will be a generall sense of heat or feverishness, constipation, (possible watery diarrhea due to bloackage)  thirst for cold drinks, sense of bloating after drinking and smelly gas.  The abdominal pain will be aggravated by pressure.

Herbal Medicine Formula: Da Cheng Qi Tang


Qi Stagnation

With this type of abdominal pain it will follow some sort of emotional upset like anger, stress, anxiety or grief.   There will be a sense of fullness and moving in the abdomen which moves around.  The pain can be relieved by passing of gas or belching. This type of pain generally will have a sense of discomfort under the rib cage as well as other areas of the abdominal cavity.  

Herbal Medicine Formula: Chai Hu Shi Gan San

if accompanied by painful cramping diarrhea - Tong Xie Yao Fang


Blood Stasis (masses in abdomen)

Pain which is severe in nature and feels like beeing stabbed in the abdominal cavity. There may be abdominal masses which are found in the area of the pain.  These types of pain will feel worse with pressure and even sheets or clothing may be uncomfortable for the patient to have laying or pressing down on the effected area. 

Herbal Medicine Formula: Tao He Cheng Qi Tang  or  Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang


Food Retention

Abdominal Pain which is acute having an affected after a specific meal or meals.  This type of pain generally has a sense of bloating and pressure in the abdomen.  There will be relief after the patient has a bowel movement.  There will be stinky gas and a sense of heat or feverishness along with belching.  

Herbal Medicine Formula: Bao He Wan



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