Difficult Swallowing - Dysphagia

Difficult Swallowing "Dysphagia"

Difficult swallowing is a common condition where one has a difficult time swallowing or has painful swallowing.  In extreme cases there can be vomiting after eating.   This condition can start off slowly which progress's till one can't swallow any large solids or come on quickly.  In all cases there is some sort of discomfort or difficulty swallowing.  In many cases there is an emotional aspect of long term or sudden upset or a history of unhealthy diet.  

Qi and Phlegm Blockage

Feeling of something stuck in ones throat making it difficult to swallow.  It will commonly occur during busy or stressful times.  It may be recurrent at a specific time of day (stock market opening, children coming home from school, ...).  It will feel as though a plum pit has been swolled and stuck in their throat.   Greasy foods, sugar or diary may also aggravate this condition.  The difficult swallowing will be alleviated by deep breathing or sighing.

Herbal Medicine Formula: Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang


Fluid Insufficiency with Heat

The lack of fluids to moisten the throat will make swallowing difficult.  The patient will have thin amounts of dry saliva making it difficult to swallow both foods and some liquids. There will be dry lips, dry skin and other dry symptoms as well as this type of swallowing problem.  There will also be dry stools with constipation.  

Herbal Medicine Formula: Sha Shen Mai men Dong Tang


Blood and Phlegm Stagnation

This is a severe problem due to a type of blockage in the throat.  There will be difficulty swallowing and possible vomiting when trying to swallow food or fluids.  There will be sharp pain in the throat and upper chest as well as a dark complexion.  When vomiting it will be of a dark color as well as having dark stools.  

Herbal Medicine Formula: Tong You Tang


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