Indigestion is a term used for a feeling of fullness, discomfort or bloating in the abdomen after a meal.  It can also be known as Dyspepsia.  In severe cases there may be a full and slightly burning feeling. If indigestion is becoming a regular occurance after meals making sure there is not a serious underlying condition is iimportant.  Some of the more severe complications could be conditions like GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease),  cancer, abnormal pancrease, abnormal bile ducts, peptic ulders, ...

Along with indigestion some people may get acid reflux, hiccup, abdominal pain, vomitting, difficult swallowing or nausea ...

A western doctor may perform a endoscopy to find a reason for indigestion.  An endoscopy is the procedure of sliding a small tube down the patients throat after a sedative has been given.  The doctor can see the different areas of the upper digestive tract to help diagnose things like GERD or other abnormalities. 

Food stagnation

This type of indigestion is accompanied by belching, severe abdominal distention or bloating, bad breath, red face and smelly stools.  This is usually a type of indigestion which follows a large or greasy meal which feels stuck in the stomach.  It is generally more acute but can become chronic after any meal which is difficult to digest.  

Herbal Formula:   Bao He Wan


Food stagnation with Spleen deficiency

indigestion after a large meal, infrequent meals or a meal heavy in fats and difficult to digest foods.  This is usually slightly less severe than the above pattern and this type is slightly more common to be recurrent or chronic.  There will be discomfort in the abdomen with bloating and a swollen feeling.  They will have a general sense of fatigue and loose stools.  

Herbal Formula:  Jian Pi Wan



Natural Cures to Help Indigestion

1 - indigestion is generally agravated by large meals. Eating smaller more frequent meals can decrease indigestion frequency and severity.

2 - smoking will also aggravate this condition, stopping this habbit will often help indigestion.

3 - decreasing acidic foods such as tomatoes, pop and sugar will help eliminate the severity. 

4 - not allowing stress or emotional factors to build up.  Emotionsl can trigger indigestion.



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