Stomach Ache

Stomach Ache

Abdominal pain can also be known as a stomach ache.  A stomach ache is a common problem which is difficult to diagnose as there are so many different possible causes.  Generally speaking the first question to ask is if this type of ache is chronic or acute?  Generally speaking, mild acute stomach aches are less severe than a chronic mild stomach ache.  Severe pain in the stomach even chronic or acute could point to a life threatening disorder.  

The type of pain is also important.  Some pains will be sharp, others, dull and achey while others will be a spasm type pain or cholicy pain.  The location of the pain will help greatly in the diagnosis of the cause of a stomach ache.  Pain will be caused by one of three diferent western causes,  Inflammatory, Obstruction or vascular stomach aches.

Inflammatory causes will have a more of a steady ache.  Stomach pain caused by an obstruction will have more of a colicky or spasm type pain which will coincide with the peristalisis of the intestines.  Vascular stomach aches can have a variety of types and severeties of pains some beeing acute, some chronic, some dull, some severe.  

Common western diagnosis for a stomach ache vary from peptic ulcers, food allergies, crohns disease to tumors and other severe diseases.  


Types of Stomach Ache with Possible Cures and Treatment:


Stomach Cold:

This type of stomach may be acute and have a cold pain which is alleviated by the application of warmth or warm drinks. The pain will become severe when exposed to cold.

Herbal Medicine Formula: Liang Fu Wan   or   Li Zhong Wan


Food Stagnation:

Distended abdomen with a stomach ache.  Will generally occure after a large meal or a poor diet of grease and sugar. Along with the stomach ache there is a fullness or bloating in the stomach.  The pain will feel worse with pressure or by eating more food.  There can also be acid reflux, poor appetite, irregular bowel movements, and this type of ache will be relieved by having a bowel movement.  

Herbal Medicine Formula: Bao He Wan


Liver Qi Stagnation:

A fullness in the abdomen accompanied by a stomach ache.  There will also be a pressure below the rib cage. This type of stomach ache is aggravated by stress, frustration and irritability.  The pain will often be worse with anticipation of a meeting or deadline or during arguements with co workers or family members.  There will also be frequent sighing which may or may not relieve the stomach pain for a short period of time.

Herbal Medicine Formula:  Chai Hu Shi Gan San


Blood Stagnation:

This type of stomach ache is very severe and chronic.  The pain is more intense and stabbing in anture and will stay in one area of the abdomen rarely moving to other areas.  The pain may have a lump or abnormality which can be felt by palpitation of the abdomen or stomach.  The stool may be dark and possibly contain blood in severe cases.  

Herbal Medicine Formula: Gu Xia Zhu Yu Tong   or   If lower abdomen Shi Xiao San


Deficient Cold:

chronic dull pain in Stomach ameliorated by warmth and pressure, pain better after eating, poor appetite, nausea, clear-thin-watery vomit, soft stools, general whole body deficient cold symptoms.

Herbal Medicine Formula: Xiao Jian Zhong Tang  with Gui Zhi and Honey


Yin Deficiency:

A stomach ache which has a burning sensation.  The stomach ache will be aggravated by spicy or dry foods.  There will also be dry difficult to pass bowel movements, constipation, dry throa, nausea or vomitting, mild fever which is worse in the evening and possible irritability.

Herbal Medicine Formula: Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang    OR   Yi Guan Jian with hypochondria pain


Stomach Heat:

General acute burning attacks of stomach aches.  There will be a distending burning pain from within the abdomen which is accompanied by a fever, easily sweating, cracked lips, bad breath, bitter taste in mouth, burning difficlt stools, acid reflux, and a sticky taste in the mouth.  

Herbal Formula:  Qing Wei San



Other Natural Cures for a Stomach Ache:

1 - adding heat to the abdomen may cure some types of stomach aches by relaxing the muscles and decreasing the pain.

2 - Mint Tea

3 - Ginger Tea

4 - warm water with baking soda.  This helps calm and cure specific types of stomach aches.

5 - Avoiding a stomach ache :  decrease acidic foods - coffee, spicy foods, sugar, raw veggetables, ...


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