Asthma - Wheezing

Asthma / Wheezing and Chinese Medicine


Asthma Diagnosis:

Acute sudden onset of difficult breathing (dyspnoea) with wheezing sound in throat, recurring with cough.


Etiology (causes):

1. Hidden phlegm -dysfunction of spleen produces phlegm stored in lung)

2. External pathogens -attack lung creating lung dysfunction, produce hidden phlegm

3. Diet -over consumption of greasy, sweet, alcohol, smoking

4. Emotion -too much stress

5. Deficiency

6. Season- aggravated in fall season



Cold - wheezing- water sounding gurgle with white clear phlegm

Hot - wheezing - loud, sawing rough sound with sticky yellow phlegm Treat the branch of the problem during an attack and treat the root of the problem during remission.


DURING ATTACK (Eliminate phlegm)

Cold Type Wind cold symptoms, itchy throat/nose, watery phlegm with cough, tightness in chest, coldness on upper back, pale complexion, Tongue - pale, white slippery coating Pulse - floating tense

Principle of Treatment: expel wind cold, promote lung function to eliminate phlegm

Acupuncture points- hand Taiyin, Ren, sedate, LU 7, 5, BL 13 (expel patho., relieve asthma), Ren 17, ding chuan - wheezing - Ren 22 - runny nose - LI 20, ST 3 - Phlegm - ST 40 - Fever - LI 4, LI 1

Herbal Medicine Formula: Shi Gan Ma Huang Tang, Xiao Gan Long Tang, Hou Pi Ma Huang Tang, Jiu Bao Tang, Xiao Qing Long Tang -or- Shi Gan Ma Huang Tang

Eliminate phlegm herbs - Bai Jie Zi, Su Zi Descend Qi Herbs - Dai Zhi Shi, Hou Po

Constipation Herbs - Lai Fu Zi, Gua Lou


Hot Type Wind heat symptoms, difficulty breathing, fast shallow (panting) breaths, loud wheezing, sweating, yellow sticky phlegm, irritable, tight chest, fever, thirst, constipation Tongue - Red, yellow coating Pulse - slippery, rapid

Principle of Treatment: clear heat, disperse lung function to eliminate phlegm

Acupuncture points- LI 4, 11, DU 14 (clear heat), LU 1, 6 (relieve asthma), Ren 17, ding chuan (descend LU Qi), ST 40 (Phlegm) - heaTongue - bleed LI 1, 1 - wheezing - Ren 22 - Phlegm - Ren 12 - Liver Fire attack Lung - LR 3, 14

Herbal Medicine Formula: Yue Bi Jia Ban Xia, Ding Chuan Tang (int. phlegm heat) Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang (more external heat) Complicated Cold and Hot - Da Qing Long Tang

Complicated Deficiency and Excess - Du Qi Wan + Shi Gan Ma Huang Tang


Kidney/Lung Deficient TypeBetween attacks slight wheezing all the time, palpitations, spontaneous sweating, agg. By over exertion, weaker than hot/cold type Tongue - pale, white coating Pulse - deep, weak

Principle of Treatment: tonify lung and kidney, eliminate phlegm

Acupuncture points- hand Taiyin, back-shu, ding chuan, LU 9, BL 13, 43

Herbal Medicine Formula: Ping Chuan Gu Ben


DURING REMISSION (treat organ deficiency, LU/SP/KD)


Lung Qi Deficiency Pale, low voice, spontaneous sweat, easily gets cold

Principle of Treatment: Tonify lung Qi to eliminate hidden phlegm

Herbal Medicine Formula: Yu Ping Feng San


Spleen Qi Deficiency Digestive symptoms, easily bloated, tired after eating

Principle of Treatment: Tonify Spleen Qi to eliminate hidden phlegm

Herbal Medicine Formula: Si Jun Zi Tang


Spleen Yang Deficiency General cold symptoms, and spleen Qi deficiency symptoms, indigested food in stool

Principle of Treatment: Strengthen Spleen yang to eliminate cold and hidden phlegm

Herbal Medicine Formula: Fu Zi Li Zhong


Kidney Yang Deficiency Urine and bowel symptoms, usually spleen yang deficiency with kidney yang deficiency symptoms, lower back/knee pain

Principle of Treatment:: Strengthen Kidney yang to eliminate hidden phlegm

Herbal Medicine Formula: Shen Qi Wan


Kidney Yin DeficiencyDeficient heat symptoms (dizzy, vertigo, poor memory, lack of concentration, poor hearing, long term, 5-centre heat sensation, menstruation disorders

Principle of Treatment: Nourish Kidney yin to eliminate hidden phlegm

Herbal Medicine Formula: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan

Acupuncture points - Lung Qi : LU 9, BL 13, 20, 43, - Spleen Qi: LU 9, BL 13, 43, ST 36, 40, SP 3, - Kidney Qi: LU 9, BL 13, 43, 23, 24, KI 3


Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular - LU, shenmen, bronchi, adrenal, sympathetic

Moxa - back-shu during remission stage

herbal application - Bai Jie Zi 21g, Yan Hu Suo 21g, Xi Xin 15g, Gan Sui 12g, place on ding chuan, BL 13, Ren 20, ST 16 (may cause ber)

electro - LU 5, 6


External Wind - LU 7, 5, BL 11, 13

Wind Heat - SI 4, Du 14, LU 1, Ren 6, 7

Phlegm-Damp - BL 20, LR 13, ST 40, LU 7, Ren 17, 22

Damp Fluids attack Heart difficult breathing, cough frothy bubbles, edema, palpitation - Ren 4, ST 36, SP 9, PC 6, BL 13

Lung and Spleen deficiency - BL 20, 13, ST 36, LU 9, BL 43, ding chuan

Lung and Kidney deficiency - ding chuan, BL 13, 23, 24, 43, LU 9, KI 3


Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular - adrenal, sub-cortex, sympathetic

7 star - Lung meridian to sternocleidomastoid muscle area.

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