A chalazion is inflammation of an eye lid gland causing a cyst.  It is generally a slow progression with general symptoms of eye lid swelling and tenderness with a sensitivity to light (photophobia), heaviness of the eye lid and possible excessive tearing of the effected eye.

During the beginning stages of a chalazion it may be misdiagnosed as a sty.


In most cases of chalazion the effected eye lid will slowly dissapear within 2 years of the original outbreak.  Using chinese herbs to quicken this process is effective.  

A chalazion that has a pale red color, mild inflammation and a pressure or discomfort which is not severe.  There will also be a white frothy cough, heaviness feeling within the body and possible shortness of breath.  There will also be a feeling of fatigue.

Herbal Formula: Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang


A chalazion with red, inflammed burning sensations as well as possible yellow thick pus.  There will be marked infection type signs such as mild fever, sweating and red face.  

Herbal Formula: Yin Qiao San + Huang Lian Jie Du Tang



External Treatment:

using hot herbal compress's can help relieve the discomfort of a chalazion as well as increase healing time.  

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