Nictitation- Frequent Blinking


Nictitation is a condition where there is over abundant or repetitious blinking of the eyes.  Nictare is the latin word "to blink" and is the origin of the name of this condition.   Although not generally a serious condition Nictitation can be a very annoying condition which creates social unease.  


In chinese medicine nictitation can be treated or decreased in severity once it has been diagnosed and a pattern found.  The following are 2 types of conditions commony found with this disorder.


Deficiency of Lung Yin

lung yin deficiency nictitation will be a chronic condition where there is dry eyes, dry skin and weak immune system where the patient will easily catch colds.  There may be fatigue along with this condition.

Herbal Formula: Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Tang


Deficiency of Spleen

Nictitation of this type will have possible tearing, fatigue, phlegm accumulation.  There can also be possible digestive problems such as bloating, diarrhea and edema.  

Herbal Formula: Shi Zhen Tan

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