Eye Disorders

In Chinese medicine the eye is the sensory organ of the liver reflecting the health of the liver.   The Liver's job is to nourish and moisten the eye with blood which the liver stores.   If liver blood is abundant the eyes will be moist and vision will be healthy.


Aside from the liver many other yin and yang organs affect the eyes. The kidney essence also nourishes the eyes so many chronic eye diseases can be caused by or related to kidney essence deficiency. This pattern is commonly seen in elderly patients. The Heart also opens to the eyes. In chapter 80 of the "Spiritual Axis" it states that the heart concentrates the essence of the 5 yin organs and this manifests in the eyes. Therefore the eyes also reflect the state of the mind and the heart.

Observation of the eye is an important part of Chinese medicine diagnosis. The eyes will reflect the state of the mind (shen) as well as the essence and vitallity within a person. When the eyes are clear and have glitter they indicate that the mind and essence are in good health.


In Chinese Medicine diagnosis each area of the eye corresponds to a specific organ:

Corners of the eyes relates to the heart

Upper eylid relates to the spleen

Lower eyelid relates to the stomach

Sclera to the lungs

Iris to the liver

Pupil to they kidneys

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