Eye Lid Twitch

Eye Lid Twitch


An eye lid twitch is an involuntary muscle spasm of the muscles which control the eye lid.  When they spasm it can cause the eye to close slightly and quickly re-open causing a twitch of the eye lid.   Generally an eye lid twitch will only last a few minutes but occasionally this twitching can last hours or days becoming a inconvienence to whom it is effecting.   In some cases the eye lid twitching may completley close the eye,  there may be excessive tearing or blurred vision.  


Although very common, eye lid twitching should be diagnosed if it is severe.  Seeking a medical diagnosis should be considered if:  the twitch lasts more than 1 week,  twitching contineously completley closes the eye, the eye twitching is accompanied by other facial twitching, upper eye lid drooping or signs of an infection are present.  


Common Causes and Treatment of Eye Lid Twitch:

Lack of sleep - sleep more and the twitching may dissapate.

Excessive Caffiene - stop drinking caffienated beverages

Stress - if under more stress latley, try eliminating stress and using de-stressing techniques.  


If the above suggestions don't cure the Eye Lid Twitch trying a Herbal formula from the list below.


Heart and Spleen Eye Lid Twitch

Eye lid twitching accompanied by stress, digestive bloating, poor memory, fatigue, loose stools and poor sleep. 

Herbal Formula: Gui Pi Tang


Liver Wind

This type of eye lid twitch will be associated with a head ache, red eyes, possible dizziness, irritability and a red face with a heat signs.  

Herbal Formula: Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin


External Wind Invasion


Herbal Formula: Gui Gan Long Mu Tang



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