Sinusitis is inflammation of the nasal sinuses which may or may not be an infection. The sinuses become inflammed and may create a headache accompanied by a runny nose.    There are two types of sinusitis,  Chronic or Acute !


Acute Sinusitis

acute sinusitis generally occurs after or with an upper respiratory tract infection. These acute episodes can be caused by viral, bacterial or fungal infections.     


Wind Heat:

This type of sinusitis will have yellow thick runny nose with a severe headache.  There will be a sore throat, possible tooth ache, fever, red face and sweating.   

Herbal Formula: Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San 


Liver and Gall Bladder Damp heat:

A thick turbid yellow discharge comes from the nose with a bad smell which accompanies the pain of sinusitis.  There will be a fever or sensation of heat in the afternoons and evenings, a heaviness of the body, irritability, loose or greasy stools with possible burning sensation of the anus.  The headache associated with this type will be the upper forehead and forehead with a distending hot feeling.

Herbal Formula: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang


Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis is similar to that of acute sinusitis where the nasal sinuses become inflammed, swell and produce mucus which makes the nose feel plugged. Acute sinusitis which lasts approximatley more than 8 weeks could be diagnosed as a chronic condition. There is chronic headaches which occur around the eyes due to the effected sinuses of the nose.  Chronic sinusitis can be caused environmental toxins, dietary allergies or more serioius illness's like nasal polyps.  


Spleen Deficiency

Chronic sinusitis where there is a runny discharge as well as the nasal congestion.  The discharge is generally white or clear and worse in the mornings, aggravated by damp weather and becomes more severe on specific foods eaten like diary foods, gluten products or excessive amounts of sugar (some raw veggies or fruit may also aggravate).  The patient will have other digestive disorders such as diarrhea or bloating as well as mild fatigue.

Herbal Formula: Yi Yi fu Zi Bai Jiang San


Phlegm, Qi and Blood Stasis:

Sinusitis with nasal congestion due to polyps. There is a loss of smell, nose bleeds, thick white or yellow nasal discharge, poor memory, heavy body and heavy head with possible sharp pain in the nose and sinuses, headaches and slightly dry skin. 

Herbal Formula: Chuan Xiong Pu Huang San

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