Genital Eruptions

Genital Eruptions and Chinese Medicine


Diagnosis of Genital Eruptions:

Genital eruptions would be considered any redness, swolling, hot or painful skin eruptions in or around the genitals.  The genital sores may have a discharge of blood or pus.  


Etiology (causes) of Eruptions:

1. Toxic Heat - (most common pattern) external heat invasion hyper Heart or Liver fire,

Dietary Causes of Heat - greasy,spicy, hot or sugary foods - easily causes stomach heat


2. Cold stagnation - Cold can be caused by a poor diet high in cold raw foods, external cold invading the body, weakness of qi and blood  constitution


Chinese Medicine Differentiation and Treatment

Toxic Heat

acute condition -  1st-3rd days feeling of swollen pain in the genitals which turns to a red lump (may affect movement), around 5th day pus will form and discharge, around the 7th day the eruptions start to heal. The genital area is a tough area to heal and can easily become a chronic infection.

This pattern of genital eruptions is often diagnosed as Herpes.

Principle of Treatment: - clear Heat, detoxify, promote blood circulation, move stasis

Herbal Medicine Formula: Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin or Xian Fang Huo Ming Yin

*if eruptions are chronic add Huang Qi and Jie Geng


Cold stagnation

Genital Eruptions have a slow onset, no colour change (unless long term may turn darker purplish), starts as a hard lump.  Over time ulceration may occur if left untreated.  These eruptions may also discharge pus which is white or clear in color.

These are very difficult to heal. 


Principle of Treatment: - nourish Qi and blood to eliminate toxicity Stage #1 - hard lumps, no discoloration or pain unless touched, typically the size of a jellybean.

Herbal Medicine Formula: Yang He Tang Stage #2 - ulcer and discharge

Herbal Medicine Formula: Tuo Li Xiao Du San

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