Ear Infected -Boil


Auricular Furuncle - Ear Infection - Boil  

An ear boil can also be known as a ear Abscess, ear infection or mastoiditis (inflammation of the mastoid).    This condition occurs when bacteria (or other foreign matter)  gets trapped in the skin of the ear which slowly gets red, inflammed, hot and painful.  As this bacteria attacks the local area the body sends more blood supply and white blood cells to this area of the ear.  The body will close off the area so the infection does not spread creating a very painful abscess or boil.  

This will acute severe pain in the ear with swelling, painful jaw movements which are worse at night.  The local area lymph nodes of the neck will also be swollen and there may be a generalized fever. 

The cure of a boil may include rupturing it inside the ear by a licensed physician, antibiotics, natural herbs,  or even acupuncture.  This is a serious medical condition as if it is left untreated it may effect the long term hearing the effected patient as well as pass the infection on to other areas of the body. 


Chinese Medicine Cure for Ear Boil

Toxic Heat Invasion:

Red, hot, painful boil found in the ear.  General sense of heat or fever, burning ear pain, yellow pus, red skin, sweating and other signs of infection.  Along with western treatment this herbal formula is used to help cure this painful condition if the above symptoms are present.

Chinese Herbal Formula: Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin


Natural Treatment Methods to Prevent and Cure Ear Boils:

Washing the ear with anti-bacterial soap can prevent the bacteria from accumulating inthe ear.   Scrubbing the ear to prevent ingrown hairs or other foreign matterials from beeing trapped within the skin in this area. 

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